2020 Scorpio Planetary Influences



For Scorpio natives, year 2020 would renew their ideals in life and would bring about a major change due to the planetary positions for the period. Periods of instability are forecast for you, however your commitment and determination would help you to withstand this strong tide against you. Most Scorpio would go in for a lifestyle

change being instilled by the planets. Your creativity and skills would reward you greatly towards the end of the year, use them for constructive and holistic purposes only.


Jupiter travels through the house of Cancer between January and July 2020. This would be your area of academic pursuits and travel. Hence these areas are in for a major breakthrough. Most of you would go for higher studies or learn a new skill. Pilgrimages and holy dips favor the spiritually bent ones. Then in August 2020, Jupiter enters the house of Leo, which happens to be your house of career. This promises promotions, pay hikes and relocations owing to career growth and development during the period.


During the year 2020, Saturn controls how you manage your financial resources for the period. The way you spend, save and take care of debts and loans would be greatly influenced by Saturn. Financial constraints show up in relationships marring happiness at home. Give priority to your needs and then yield to the whims and fancies of those around. Do not let others smother you financially this period and this would be monitored by Saturn very closely.

Outer Planets

Home, family and relationships would be greatly influenced by the outer planets Neptune and Planets during 2020. Expect major dramatic changes in the home-front all these days. Uranus would be the key player which alters your home environment during 2020. Neptune brings about a soul-searching period that nourishes you inside out. Pluto helps you to handle your finances and resources in a more matured way altering lifestyle across the board.


The lunar and solar eclipses that happen in year 2020 would bring your sensual, sexual and intimate moments into emphasis. Your emotional connections with your near ones would be under light during these eclipses. You would be a sources of strength and support to those experiencing health issues, death, debts, etc. Much of your past guilt and fears vanish and you would tread ahead in confidence once the eclipses get over.

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