2020 Planetary Influences

Year 2020 has a great planetary line-up that would influence life here on planet earth in a more dramatic way. Saturn and Jupiter, the main planets involved in astrological studies conjunct (0 deg) after a period of 20 years now in the zodiac house of Aquarius and this is a great event to behold this year. This conjunction marks the beginning of a new world order and a change in the economic balance of the world.

Year 2020 also sees four partial Lunar eclipses and two Solar eclipses which would also impact our lives in a drastic way.

Hoping that all the planetary influences of the year 2020 will have a positive and beneficial aspect for all the zodiac signs.


Year 2020 boosts your confidence level as well your enthusiasm. The seeds of success would be sown as the year starts. The foundations for your dreams can be put now and your skills can be honed. Stay focused on your future.This year promises totally new experiences in your professional arena.


In year 2020, your social life grows aiding you in uplifting of your life. Much of your dreams come true now, thanks to the planetary positions for the year. Use the period to strengthen your skills. Though certain road blocks and hindrances abound, take the less beaten path to attain success.


Year 2020 questions the priorities of Gemini natives. The period gives additional responsibilities for you guys, so do look out for good results. Your needs and desires would be segmented as the year progresses. Saturn would be spending the year 2020 in your sign, Gemini.


In year 2020, your experiences grow and in turn your confidence level thanks to the planetary positions for the period. All your past efforts would start yielding fruit, however it would take some time for you to feel satisfied in life.


Through the year 2020, you would be setting new goals as your past ones get met thanks to the planetary influences for the period. You would be hogging the limelight despite your intensions to lay low for the period.


Year 2020 calls for big performances on your part, Virgo. And the planetary placements would aid you in this endeavors. Through the year your confidence increases and you would get the good support of family and friends.


Libra people would be able to carve a secure and satisfied life for them this year, thanks to the planetary positions for the period. You would exert a positive influence around too. This is the ideal time to pursue academics, write something, learn a new language.


For Scorpio natives, year 2020 would renew their ideals in life and would bring about a major change due to the planetary positions for the period. Periods of instability are forecast for you, however your commitment and determination would help you to withstand this strong tide against you.


Year 2020 offers new inspirations and opportunities for progress for Sagittarius folks. However make sure that you have chartered a clear plan before venturing on. Do focus on your ambitions and move faster and swifter.


The planetary positions for the year 2020 would help use your talents and skills in a more remarkable hitherto unexplored way. Team work and co-operative deals would be quite remunerative particularly for the period, however some of you Caps might like to go alone.


In year 2020, Aquarius people would be encouraged to become more creative and inspiring. The planets favor drastic changes in your social life. New acquaintances come into your fold, bringing in new opportunities for growth.


During the year 2020, Pisces guys would see a major transformation of their life path. You would be laying a new foundation for a great life ahead thanks to the planetary influences for the year.New friends, acquaintances come into your fold these days.

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