2020 Taurus Planetary Influences



In year 2020, your social life grows aiding you in uplifting of your life. Much of your dreams come true now, thanks to the planetary positions for the year. Use the period to strengthen your skills. Though certain road blocks and hindrances abound, take the less beaten path to attain success. An important trouble for you this year, would be to maintain your

budget and sticking to it. Unwanted expenditure might catch you unawares as the planets for the year favor the same.


Jupiter transits the zodiac sign of Cancer till August 2020. This would help Taurus natives to express themselves more freely than before. With a better communicative stage, your confidence level gets boosted. Jupiter also favors travel for business and pleasure for the Taurus guys. Then when Jupiter moves over to the zodiac house of Leo in August 2020, there would be an urge to make some changes in your home. An addition to the family by way of marriage or child birth is also likely for most Taurus.


Saturn in Gemini would help Taurus people to care much about their financials through the year 2020. You would find ways and means to improve your financial standing these days. A good time to structure your financials bringing about stability for your financial future. Do save some money and time as well this year.

Outer Planets

The outer planets continue their journey through the zodiac sky as the last year. Uranus might help you to make a major career leap this year. Taurus folks interested might take a life-changing detour or get into an independent avenue. Neptune brings about a sort of illusion or confusion around. It is as if a fog has settled around you these days. You might be much vulnerable to deception too. But then spiritual and charity works would give you some solace. Through 2020, the planet Pluto would help you to reveal some secrets and hidden issues with regard to your relationships. Be prepared for some major reveals this season.


This year, the solar and lunar eclipses would help you to realize life's values and your worth here on planet earth. The Eclipses also ask you to question the relationships you have at present. Major financial changes would also be brought about for Taurus people when the eclipses happen.

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