2020 Aquarius Planetary Influences



In year 2020, Aquarius people would be encouraged to become more creative and inspiring. The planets favor drastic changes in your social life. New acquaintances come into your fold, bringing in new opportunities for growth. Your presence would be best felt around these days. You are likely to bring about

changes around that would last a lifetime and would be felt long after you have left planet earth.


Jupiter travels the zodiac house of Cancer from January to July this year. And that happens to be your career house. Hence your job sector would be stimulated for the period. Your hands would be quite full, do not take more work that you cannot handle. Stick to projects that would be remunerative and rewarding in the long run. Then in August, Jupiter moves over to the house that is concerned with your relationships. A good time to decide what kind of a partner you want, and if already in a relationship, if it would survive the test of time. However you would be optimistic and confident of the future of your relationships thanks to the positive energy brought about by Jupiter.


Saturn would be traversing your creative side during the year 2020. It helps or disciplines you to develop your skills and talents in a positive sense. Particularly any work connected with children at home or the society at large would be greatly emphasized.

Outer Planets

In year 2020, the planets Uranus and Neptune would be moving through the zodiac of Aquarius, that's yours!!. They stimulate the way you express yourself to the outside world. Also your spiritual part of life gets greatly enhanced, you become spiritually bent. Pluto travelling through its current position makes you to better forge your existing friendships in life.


The lunar and solar eclipses of 2020 impact your relationships greatly for the period. Your love and friendship would go through trials and tribulations. Devotion, loyalty and a commitment from your part would go against the eclipse energies stimulating betterment of your relationships for the period. You would be loved well and in turn you would be able express your love more fiercely this time.

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