2019 Aquarius Planetary Influences


Year 2019 promises some high-value purchases for Aquarius folks. You also develop a sense of responsibility towards the society you move in these days. January 2019 is quite favorable for academic pursuits for the aspiring ones. The end of the month likely to bring an old flame back into your life.

And February brings some monetary resources by way of inheritance or legacy for some folks. But then keep an eye on your expenditure for the period. March would make you steer away from your budget by way of indulgence of sorts. The last week of March might have some auspicious events at home.

Then April 2019 is favorable for some adventure trips. Also a good time when romance and love are on the right track. May gives you much energy to handle your professional chores. You might be irritated by peers and authorities who stifle your performance, be cautious. June would be an ideal time for introspection and get a better perspective of your future.

Then July 2019 gets you into a good mood with professional promotions and relationship improvements. August would be a good time to go on a shopping spree, however make sure that you stay within your limits. In September, natives are advised to lay low while October would help you to make some travel plans thanks to the planetary placements for that period. Mercury retrograde around the middle of the month might bring some jitters in your life. And November would solve most of your financial problems once Mercury goes direct. Also there would be peace in the home-front. December helps you to socialize better as always.

Uranus in Pisces during year 2019 makes Aquarius natives more sensitive to the needs of those around them. With your ruler Saturn placed in the house of Leo, you would be able to take changes in a new light and resolve life-long conflicts. Neptune in Aquarius would help Aquarius guys to climb up the corporate ladder without much effort. However a committed and compatible relationship might elude most of you folks this year.

The planetary positions of the year might interfere with the health of Aquarius natives. Do not take it lightly, instead seek medical help as and when warranted. For some of you the line between friendship and love seems to dissolve ending up in marriage or a committed relationship through the year. Saturn's position through the year would help you to settle down long overdue financial loans and debts.

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