2018 Aquarius Planetary Influences


During the year 2018, the Aquarius natives would be able to break new ground much against established norms and trends in their society. and would enter a new phase of your life which would be a completely new territory. You might have high goals in life, but now is the time to work on the same to achieve at least the halfway mark by the end of the year.

In year 2018, Jupiter would help you to express yourself more creatively. For the first half of the year, the Aquarius natives would just have the urge to travel and learn about different cultures and traditions. Also an apt time to redo your home or furnishings. Get rid of clutter that has been bothering you for quite some time now. During the second half of the year, Jupiter helps you to express your love in a new light and spirit. Birth of children in the family would bring joy and happiness to some Aquarius people.

Saturn this year, might overwhelm the Aquarius natives by burdening them with more and more responsibilities in life. However you need to handle them now as there is no running back either this period.

Uranus continues to transit in your house this year too and this would help you to ascertain your personality and individuality. Sometimes it might appear that the fruits of your labor are just eluding you. Be patient as major changes are just round the corner.

Neptune is also transiting your sign and continues here for another 11 years or so. This brings your sensitivity and creativity to newer realms hitherto un-experienced in life. Pluto this year would be influencing your goals and ambitions in life. Some of your goals might need to be revamped in a new light. Stay away from being a perfectionist and bring your creative side to the fore with the help of Pluto's energy this year.

The eclipses of the year 2018 would emphasize the health, work and love areas of Aquarius guys. The eclipses would make you feel a lot better than the previous period in these areas. However commitment, hard work and change of routine are called for you in these areas.