2017 Aquarius Horoscope

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Aquarians would find the year 2017 quite energetic and enthusiastic to live with. There would be overall growth and development in all walks of their lives. Relationships enter a new positive phase and there would be greater efficiency in your professional life. However natives are asked to go slow and steady with a little patience as Saturn is ready to wreak havoc in your life plans.
Life would be very fulfilling and satisfying. Partnerships and relationships would be in your favour. You would be able to see tangible results for your past efforts©findyourfate.com You would have a solid foundation to work your way up in achieving your long term goals.

This year would make most of the Aquarians out there to relocate. The very foundation of yours would be shaken but in a positive sense. Make sure that you are self-sufficient and willing to learn new things to keep going with the trend.

Right from the start of the year to October, Jupiter would be placed in the house of Libra. This would bring optimism into your life, a good period for expanding your work horizon. Also you can take up travel plans, but beware of the retrograde movements of the inner planets. Around April you can go back to any unfinished tasks and take up lessons in new skills development as Venus is retrograde this time, a good period to revise or redo tasks©findyourfate.com

Saturn continues its position in Sagittarius till mid-December. For most of the year you would have a hazy picture about your future, many relationships come and go from your life and your comfort level would be at stake. Now after Saturn moves from Sagittarius around 2017 end, there would be a full stop to all these. Your dreams would come true, and you would be able to forge stable relationships. With a lunar eclipse in your sign in August 2017, you are notified of the end of something important in your life. Your emotional side shall rule the roost now and now you would be able to take more care about your own self instead of focusing on others around. Be warned that laziness or sloth would bring no reward to you this year.

Career horoscope 2017 For Aquarius

For the year 2017, Aquarius individuals would encounter major changes in their career path. Most of you would be able to start some long term projects and end up other long pending ones. Those tasks put in the backburner would now see the light of the day. You would be able to get the goodwill of authorities and peers in your workplace. The environment in your professional life would be conducive for greater growth. New ideas would come from all over. Teamwork would be duly rewarding for some natives for this period. Only rigor and professional strength would take you through easily for the year in your career life.

Love and Marriage horoscope 2017 For Aquarius

Aquarians would be able to feel more intensity and emotions in their love life for the year ahead. There would be much scope for relaxing with partner and trying to come to terms with them. Mars and Venus up your sensuous skills and help you to understand your partner in a more better way. Your usual fears about relationships now fade off. Much affectionate moments are on the cards for this period. Romance and love become a more harmonious affair for the natives. When things go awry it is better you sit down with your partner and sort out things by meaningful dialogue. The single ones would be able to attract partners naturally without much effort and drama. Do not create a different picture of yourself to your partner, cause when the true colour comes out you would be in doldrums. Be authentic and be yourself if you need stronger relationships. Have confidence in yourself and charm your partner with ease, sweep him or her off their feet.

Finance horoscope 2017 For Aquarius

Through the year 2017, your budget might be going through several revisions if you are not careful about your financial spending. You need to bring about some sort of stability here else you are in trouble for the coming period. Change your priorities when it comes to expenditure and do not hesitate to say "no" when you just can't afford it. Do try to save a part of your financial inflow so that it would come in handy in times of need. There would be some major financial expenses on the cards owing to medical treatments for family members. Be ready to face the same. You ought to make some sacrifices here and make use of opportunities that come your way to rev up your inward flow of funds. Keep up your financial resolutions till the year end so that it would be relaxing and relieving for you.

Advice for Aquarius in 2017

This year would put in hardships that you have never experienced in life, be armed for the same. Take stock of your situation and delve on introspection if the situation asks for it. Give all you can to genuine relationships in your life. Focus your energies towards positive channel so that you grow in life by leaps and bounds. Be straightforward when you deal with authorities and colleagues in your career field. This way you can bring about some level of transparency in your operations. Strengthen yourself with a strong knowledge base. Stay positive and stay focussed. This would be the key to survival for the year ahead.

Health horoscope 2017 For Aquarius

Health would not be that good for most of the Aquarians as the year does not have the planets supporting good health for you in a strong position. There would be fatigue, tiredness and weariness all through the period. However do not push your physical self to extreme limits. Maintain your mental makeup and think optimistic plans to forge ahead in life. Take care of your diet and do relax periodically to escape the drudgery of work. The year end would see a stability in your general health and well-being thanks to your long term health-commitments. Some of you would be kicking some indulgences now through the year.

Family & lifestyle in 2017

Family life would be better when compared to the previous few years for Aquarius individuals. There would be no major changes in your domestic front. But then you are not to completely ignore family and home. During certain times of the year, your full commitment would be needed on the family front. Though you might not get your due respect and acknowledgement keep going. You are advised to steer clear of any blocks or misunderstandings that exist between family members in the larger interest. Some auspicious events like marriage would bring back the sparkle in your domestic life.

Aquarius - Yearly Education 2017

For the year 2017 Aquarius students would not see favorable conditions for their studies. Particularly those appearing for exams and interviews would find the going a little tough. They need to work hard to keep going. From the second quarter of the year, things shall brighten up for them. For those aspiring for higher studies and overseas academic interests there would be unwanted delays and hindrances.

Travel horoscope 2017 For Aquarius

Travelling would be nerve-breaking for Aquarius individuals in 2017 as they are in for one trip after another. There would be mixed travels owing to personal and professional reasons. Natives would be able to benefit a lot from these travels. Some of you would be able to learn new cultures and traditions from around the world. However be prepared and avoid travelling during mercury retrograde periods©findyourfate.com Also steer clear from places that have security concerns for now.

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