2017 Aquarius Planetary Influences


Jupiter would be in your opposite sign of Leo for the first half of the year 2017. This placement would give you its due share of troubles and hurdles in life. But the past years' miseries would be more than reduced to half its intensity for Aquarius natives. Partnership deals would work out well for the natives during this period.
Those into business would see their performance peak during this season. And then Jupiter enters the house of Virgo during August 2017. This would tempt you into over-indulgence with finances but be cautious as this would be a good period to improve your reserves to secure a strong financial future.

Saturn would be in Gemini till June 2017 and this would be a favorable placement for Aquarius natives. If you put in hard work and commitment there would be better rewards for you. But there would be no window for fun or play. It would be all work and no play for the Aquarius Jacks. Saturn would then be entering the house of Cancer, your 6th Solar house in June. This placement would help you to make major lifestyle changes and riddance of bad health habits and brings about a sense of discipline in you. There would be a slow and steady progress however in your life.

Chiron continues its position in the house of Capricorn your Solar 12th house. This brings about lot of physical and mental healing in the natives. Some of you might get into healing related occupations or hobbies in this period.

Uranus would be in your house of Aquarius till March 2017. This placement would not be much comfortable for you. Then in March it moves to your second Solar house of Pisces. This being your house of financial resources, you can expect an upturn in your financial standing. But then make sure that you do not over-do anything as Uranus might curb your finances at times during the course of the year.

Neptune continues in its position as in 2016 and affects your sense of self as it had done earlier. It helps you to get a better perspective of your life. Though you dream big, Neptune would make sure that you remain grounded in terms of hopes and ambitions in life.

Pluto continues in its last years' placement and would be waiting to pull down your feet. Be cautious with your moves as your fortune might be at stake. Have an open attitude towards life as transparency would solve much of the problems associated with the placement of Pluto.

In 2017, the eclipses would be in your fourth-tenth house axis. This would change your focus from the social point towards more personal aspects like home and family. The eclipses would bring about major challenges in this front, but then you would learn a lot of life lessons during the course of the year.