2017 Planetary Influences

The Major Planetary Influences in the year 2017 are listed for all the zodiac signs here. Do you think that theplanetary alignment really has an influence on the people? If yes, then you are right. The planetary transits and other notable astronomical events that take place in the zodiac sky really have a bearing on us mortals living here.
And the effects vary for the natives differently based on their sun signs. This section gives the possible planetary influences that are likely to hold sway in your life for the year 2017 based on your sun signs.


For Aries natives, the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus would be shifting their locations in year 2017 and would make conditions favorable for them to work towards their goals or targets. A period of fun and play would be gone and the planets ask for hard work on their part.


For the year 2017, the planets would be harmoniously placed for Taurus natives. The past few years would have been just terrible for Taurus people with bad placements. Now changes would be subtle and slow in and life would be easier in general.


For Gemini natives, Jupiter would be in the solar third house of Leo for the first half of the year 2017. This would make you busy as a bee and you would be having your hands full all through the period like in 2016.


A host of planets would be changing their dwellings for the year 2017 that Cancer natives would have myriad opportunities for changes in their life. Jupiter would be in the house of Leo, your solar second house for the start of 2017.


Jupiter would be in your house for the first half of the year 2017. This would bring about major opportunities to improve your personal and professional life. Pressures in relationships ease off for now. Anything that you venture or touch turns fruitful for this period.


For Virgo natives, Jupiter would be in the house of Leo for the first half of the year 2017. There would be new beginnings and endings in your life for this season. Life would be full of adventure and some major life-changing decisions would be made during this time.


Jupiter would be in Leo till August 2017 and then moves onto Virgo. That would be Jupiter transiting from your 11th solar house to your 12th. For the first half of the year your efforts would be good and the rewards would be plenty. Your horizon expands.


Scorpio natives would see a grand trine formed by Saturn in Cancer, Uranus in Pisces and Sun during the second half of the year 2017 which would be brining about major changes in the hitherto dull and sluggish lifestyle.


The planetary placements for the year 2017 would be highly favorable and beneficial for Sagittarius natives. Jupiter would be in your 9th Solar house of Leo till August 2017 which shows a harmonious period for the natives. A good time for self-indulgence,


Jupiter would be in Leo till the middle of 2017. This would improve your financial conditions better than the past years. There would be financial inflow from myriad sources and hitherto unexpected sources. But then this would be in a staggered fashion.


Jupiter would be in your opposite sign of Leo for the first half of the year 2017. This placement would give you its due share of troubles and hurdles in life. But the past years' miseries would be more than reduced to half its intensity for Aquarius natives.


Jupiter would be placed in the Solar 6th house of Leo for Pisces natives in 2017 for the first half . This would help you focus more on lifestyle, discipline and health-related matters. New standards or targets would be placed and you would strive to achieve them to perfection.