2017 Libra Planetary Influences


Jupiter would be in Leo till August 2017 and then moves onto Virgo. That would be Jupiter transiting from your 11th solar house to your 12th. For the first half of the year your efforts would be good and the rewards would be plenty. Your horizon expands. Once Jupiter enters the house of Virgo, your target shifts to self.
You would get a favorable time to reflect and analyze your life from a new perspective. New initiatives can be done which would have long term effects on your life. Do not rush with life, instead follow a slow and steady approach to life's opportunities as they come your way.

Saturn would be in Gemini till June 2017 and this would be a beneficial placement for Libra natives. You would be able to reach your goals in life and realize your inner talents and hidden strengths. Once Saturn enters the house of Cancer, new challenges would be posted to you. However hard work on your part would be taking you places. Overcome fears and negativity in life and victory would be yours for the asking. Stay clear from others controlling or steering your life. Sometimes this means getting rid off of some relationships. You need to run your show and not others Libra.

Chiron would be in the house of Capricorn for year 2017. This placement would bring about the negative aspects of home and family to the fore. Open up, communicate and bring the accountable to the table. This would be a good time to forgive and forget.

Uranus in Aquarius moves over to the house of Pisces in March 2017. This transition of Uranus would bring about a sea change in your life. This would change the emphasis from fun and joy to more serious matters in life. Health and lifestyle need a major overhaul if you need to come out healthy at the end of the year.

Neptune continues in its placement as it was in 2016 and this would improve your sense of imagination. Your spiritual life would take a new turn for the better now with this position of Neptune.

Pluto would continue to change your perception of the world around you that you now begin to talk less and absorb more from the environment around you. At times it would be better if you remain silent and prefer solitude for quite sometime.

The eclipses that are due for the year 2017 would bring about major changes in life, however a sense of stability would be found. There would be stiff resistance from all quarters. Finances might take a beating during the course of the year.