2016 Libra Horoscope


This year promises a new cycle of events in your life. There would be many changes in your life that had been lying low for quite sometime. There would peace and harmony in life and your stamina would be increased to withstand the changing tides of life. At last you would be able to realize the aspirations of life. Be diplomatic in all the moves you take for this year.
Around the middle of the year there would be some air for you to breathe safely. For the second half of the year, you would be able to work in a group as team work would reward you well. However you are advised not to take in more than you can chew. Do not yield to false promises and try to bring a balance between your personal and professional life for this year.


The year 2016 holds promises for you to assert your position in the career field. Aggressive steps can be taken for this period as you would be genuinely rewarded. Launch projects or ventures that have been on the shelf for quite sometime. Get to the bottom of things before you get into co-operative deals. Some people are likely to show their true self during testing times. Beware. Let your presence be heard in your work place and try to make good impressions in your path. Authorities and peers would be a major strength of support for you in this period. Avoid hasty decisions for the first half of the year.


The year would be loaded with passionate movements for you. However there would be difficult times when it would be complex for you to decipher your partner's true love. For the first half of the year there would be much cheer and enjoyment in your love life. Persuasion would be the key for much romance in your relationships. There would be tempting moments when you might exceed your limits. Keep your passions under harness. Confide your secrets to your partner. You would be able to live your dreams this year. There would be some radical changes in your love life towards the end of the year. Then you would be able to get a better perspective of your love life regarding the future.


The year would be very stable from a financial point of view for you. You would be able to consolidate your financial standing now that some liquidity looms around the corner. You would need to make some serious sacrifices in life to balance your budget in a positive sense. The whole financial year promises good opportunities for wise investments and speculative deals. Long term decisions can be made during this period as your hands would be full with better financial resources. The end of the year shall bring in some finances through property deals and the like.


This year indicates that there would be some health concerns for you. Your physical strains and mental reactions would bring in unwarranted health issues. Do not lose your hope, remain calm, let your emotions be under control and look at the brighter side of life. Though your physical health might improve as the year moves on, your mental health needs constant strengthening and rejuvenation. Take time to relax and rejuvenate through some spiritual courses. Retreat and lay low around the middle of the year. Meditation, balanced diet and exercising would bring out the best in your around the end of the year. Do not let your confidence down.


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