2017 Libra Horoscope

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For Libra natives, the year 2017 would be a very pleasurable experience. Peace and harmony would prevail in your relationships and you would be able to get a better picture of your future prospects without much pains. Your creativity would come to limelight in this period thanks to some external stimuli.
Your sense of tolerance and balance would reach new heights so that you get into the good books of authorities in professional and personal life. Your near ones would be needing you more like never before©findyourfate.com Giving in to their wishes and desires would bring you a sense of satisfaction and harmony in life. Your intellect might be put to test occasionally as the year moves on.

The eclipses of 2017 around the middle of the year would play a greater role in the lives of Libra people. Through the course of the year, stay away from taking hasty decisions. Finances and money would be your forte for the year. While money might not buy you happiness, be careful with your financial moves. Also love moves need to be very cautious and considerate for the period ahead©findyourfate.com

Jupiter would be in your sign from January 2017 to October giving you the positive vibes to stay on a growth track. Much opportunities pass by your way, it is up to you to harness your inner potential.

Between March and April, 2017, your ruler Venus would be going retrograde. Then your decision-making system might go wary, hence you are advised to take some time off in this period.

Career horoscope 2017 For Libra

Libra natives would excel in their career field for the year 2017. Particularly those into intellectual works would able to grow by leaps and bounds. For some routine work would not be the ideal one. Most of the Libra natives would have many opportunities to garner knowledge on all fronts to develop in their career field. Some would be able to pursue studies related to the same. Your career field would require you to bring newness and commitment into it. If not possible then you lag behind in the race to the corporate top. Being a Libra you would be able to forge ties with other personnel in your field of work easily and effectively. Your amicable nature and balancing acts would bring about a harmonious environment in your workplace.

Love and Marriage horoscope 2017 For Libra

Your love life would be sort of tricky for the year ahead, Libra. But then your seduction techniques would help you to win over even lost relationships or partners. You would be faced with stiff opposition on the love front for this period, stay calm and focus on goodness in relationship. Let not ego creep into your mind for now. Do not insist too much or expect much from your partner for the year. Let giving and not getting be the motto for now in relationships. Venus would help you to attract prospective partners during the course of the year. The first half of the year would be particularly too emotional and impractical. For the second half relationships would fall into place and there would be a pruning to weed off unwanted personalities in your love or marriage. Stay clear from false accusations and claims that might hamper your love life for the worst. Balance would be the key to a good love life for the year, Libra.

Finance horoscope 2017 For Libra

During the year 2017, you would be in for more expenditure more of the unwanted type. There would be expenses related to extravaganza and medical-treatment for family members. Your budget might go off bounds thanks to your over-spending on artistic pursuits as well. However the positive side here is that you have myriad opportunities to improve your financial inflow. You would be getting finances from speculative deals, various grants and an increase in wages or business inflow. New contacts would come in your life that would help you to substantiate your financial standing. However they year might bring in some negative trends as said earlier more towards personal spending. Save for the rainy days ahead guys..

Advice for Libra in 2017

For the year 2017, you need to put your personal needs and ambitions into the back burner and give into the goodwill of others surrounding you. Do not be intimidated by things that happen around you. Stay grounded and remain balanced. You have your own desires that are legitimate and which ought to be met. There might be relationship baits spread across your world for this period. Beware of false friends and companions, they are leeches waiting to attack you. Enjoy the good things in life. Take time for introspection and follow your instincts. Let not emotions and sensuality hold sway in your professional and personal area for this period.

Health horoscope 2017 For Libra

Libra natives would be full of energy and free from major health issues for most part of the year ahead. However you are advised to stay active, pursue some sport to keep you fit for the period. Venus and Mercury together would bring in fresh loads of energy for you around the first half of the year. Use it constructively for positive actions in life. However do not indulge, take some time off. The second half of the year would give you a deviation of sorts, to pursue artistic interests that would give you inner strength and a sense of satisfaction. Be passionate with what you pursue. Take care of your diet and be cautious with what goes inside.

Family & lifestyle in 2017

Your family life would be generally good and satisfactory all through the year 2017. Some relocation or change of residence likely for the natives if willing. Some of you might give priority to career rather than family. This would have serious repercussions on your personal life, be wary of the same. Relationships with parents and siblings might suffer around the middle of the year owing to financial constraints and common financial commitments. Play a detached part here. A good balance between career and personal life would see you surviving the year ahead in style.

Libra - Yearly Education 2017

Libra students into academics and research would meet with success for the first half of the year. Exams and competitive interviews would be favorable for them. However the second half of the year might prove troublesome for many pursuing studies. The conditions would not be much favorable for pursuance of academic interests. Those seeking a job or placement need to put in extra efforts to come out successful.

Travel horoscope 2017 For Libra

For the year 2017, Libra natives would be able to travel both for pleasure and business. Places related to history and arts would attract you the most. Long distance travels are on the cards, though short trips come in now and then©findyourfate.com Be prepared for both as hitches and last minute issues might crop at times.

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