2015 Libra Horoscope


This year would be problem-free for you thanks to the good planetary placements. You would be able to make good advancements in your life. You will accumulate all your energies towards your major goals in life. Your creativity and artistic talents would come to the fore in this period. You need to be able to differentiate reality from the not-so-real world around you.
There would be some impatience on your part in personal and professional life. Handle things with tact and diplomacy. Take the path of compromise for goodness in life. There would be good rapport with those around you for now. Most of your hopes shall be realized in this year's time.


During this year there would be certain forces acting against you toppling your position in the professional field. Stick to your policies and put in good effort to get hold of what is due for you. Handle relationships with authorities and colleagues cautiously. Be firm when taking decisions in your career field. Anticipate hitches and hindrances now and then all through the year in your career field. There would be some troubles in your career field around the middle of the year. but then there would be ample opportunity to grow as well. The end of the year is likely to bring in major changes in your professional field.


During this year you would be able to come more closer to our loved one. You would be able to express your feeling to him/her and there would not be any turning back. There would be better communication in this front. There would be much romance and love in the air thanks to the good planetary placements. There would be lot of mutual happiness and trust in this period on your relationships. Do not act as if bringing in a sense of insecurity to your partner. Some possessiveness looms large but do not let this spoil your love life. A positive approach shall do more good in bringing you much more closer to your loved one in this year. Expression and opening up matters a lot for now...


During year 2015 your finances would sail on smoothly. However a period of frustration and trouble looms large around the middle of the year. Let hard work and commitment be your priority for now. The planets are in a position that support your expenditure of money rather than saving. There would be much unwanted expenditure for this time period. Be frugal and prioritize your spending. Else there would be troubles in all quarters of your life. Listen to good advises from friends and family as far as finances are concerned. You cannot stand alone in times of financial uncertainty.


There would be much emotions involved in your life that there would be a drain on your mental and physical energy. Your metabolism rate would be the highest asking for more and more energy. The planets this year shall protect you from major diseases and illness though occasional minor health issues cannot be ruled out. A controlled diet and good physical work shall go a long way in blessing you with a healthy year ahead. Do not overstrain or over burden your body and mind for this time period.


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