2015 Libra Horoscope


The year 2015 would be a rough period for Libra natives in the domestic front. You would face temper issues, worries and anxieties in your household. Unwanted troubles and hindrances would be encountered in the family. There would be also disharmony and finances losses at home. Chances of relocation might also haunt you much against your wish and will.
Some spiritual pursuit would be needed to rejuvenate your spirits. Marriage in the home-front might elude and you would face obstacles in expressing your love and feelings to your partner or spouse through the course of 2015.


Libra natives would see favorable trends in the educational field for the year. However there would be occasional rejections and dejections. Do not lose hope, stay focussed to excel in your studies. Those in the field of medicine and law would find remarkable results for the year.


The year 2015 would be a great year for travel for Libra natives. Your career might bring in opportunities for overseas travels. Club this with pleasure and the world is out there for you to enjoy, Libra.


This year might prove challenging for Libra natives. But do not stop learning and improving yourself. Take opportunities by their horns. With all might make sure that you stay on top of anything you do. Let positive energy surround you all through the year.