2014 Libra Horoscope


This year 2014 would be a year free from major trials and tribulations that had been haunting you for the past few years. You would be able to steer clearly through life now. You shall move into profitable territory and there would be much freedom in your life like never before. You would be given the chance to forgive and forget in relationships.
Now is the time to move beyond your limits.An inner light shall guide you through the course of this year. Your persepctive of the world outside shall change a lot and you would be able to understand the reality at work. During this year, you cannot be influenced by others rather others would be by you. Now is the time when you should be able to make wise judgments related to life and precision would be your keyword. Be sure that emotions do not always hold the sway.


Your career this year shall have a global exposure with much connections coming from every side. A very positive period in your professional area comes by now and you would be morally inclined to do your best. Those in research-based professions shall gain their due credit now. You would be able to prove your mettle and abilities in this time period much to the surprise of your peers. Try to plan better before venturing into unknown territory if at all you have to. Team work shall work well for you rather than you doing it all alone. Some legal issues need to be met towards the end of the year.


This is a time when you realize that love life is not always rosy as it seems to be. You need to do a balancing act to keep existing relationships under your arm. There needs to be a change in your emotional and romantic approaches for success in this area. Do not keep your inner desires to your heart, feel free to share it with your loved one. This will bring about a major change in your love life. The first half of the year shall bring in good news in your love affairs. Rifts and hindrances would be galore in the next half. There would be temptations to stray off from your existing relationships towards other territory. Stick to your ideals and focus on commitment rather than cravings.


This year 2014 shall have strong financial influences on your life. You are in a major phase of your life which calls for much material spending. Hence you need to earn a lot to keep things moving. But make a note that do not bite more than you can chew. There would not be much inflow from secondary means of finances. However some luck and fortune are on the cards around the middle of the year. Avoid all long term financial decisions during this year. You need to wait and watch as the year moves on.


Health would not be that good during this year 2014. Your current way of life and habits need a total revamp as far as health is concerned. You need to curb your inner cravings and indulges need to be curbed. Health management would be a laborious task for you during this year. Plan your days with ample time for exercising and relaxing apart from your routine works. The first half of the year calls for regular health check-ups and related activities. Be cautious when out on adventurous and arduous tasks. Troubles related to bones and muscles are forecast for this time period. Hence beware of your physical activities.

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