2017 Pisces Planetary Influences


Jupiter would be placed in the Solar 6th house of Leo for Pisces natives in 2017 for the first half . This would help you focus more on lifestyle, discipline and health-related matters. New standards or targets would be placed and you would strive to achieve them to perfection. Lots of self-sacrifice would be seen. Then in August 2017, Jupiter shifts to your Solar 7th house of Virgo.
Then your focus shifts and there would be an improvement of your general well-being. You would get the love and attention of those around you. The foundation stone for future success would be laid now.

Saturn would be in the house of Gemini till March 2017. This would mean maximum struggle but with minimum wages in life. You would be thinking that it would be a waste of time and energy on your part. There would be many regrets in life. Once Saturn moves over to the house of Cancer, your Solar fifth house there would be a great relief for Pisces natives. This would be a very harmonious placement. But then not much fun would be involved in life. Life gets serious, you would be able to focus your energies and bring your creativity to the foreground.

Chiron continues its position in the house of Capricorn, your 11th Solar house. This would involve you in healing related themes and you would be able to help those in need of a healing process in their lives. Some psychological wounds of the past might now become afresh for some of you.

Uranus in Aquarius moves to Pisces in March 2017. Then you would be able to breathe in fresh air, there would be no fears and worries in life. Everything that is showy or artificial gets uprooted from your vicinity. You would be able to have many valuable experiences with this placement of Uranus all through 2017.

Neptune would be posited in the same place as in year 2016 and would bring about spiritual blessings for Pisces natives. Your experiences in life would have a spiritual bent. Act according to the influences around you and look for clarity and transparency in your ventures.

Pluto continues its position as in the past eight years or so. While it would have brought and would be bringing challenging situations in life, it would strengthen your inner personality. Reply on your inner strength and intuitiveness to prod through in life.

The eclipses of 2016 would have been quite harsh on Pisces natives, giving them unwanted relocations and survival issues in life. However the eclipses due in year 2017 would be beneficial for Pisces guys. Garnering knowledge and intellect would then become the focus for the natives. Many of you would have the opportunity to excel in academics and research.