2016 Pisces Horoscope


During this year you would be able to make some stable and concrete decisions regarding your future and its goals. It is high time that you start thinking about yourself and your needs. Certain restrictions that have been holding you back from expressing yourself would vanish this year.
Be prepared to take harsh decisions even it is at the cost of hurting others around you. You would be able to make some positive practical moves in your life for now. Some legal tangles might creep in around the middle part of the year. Others around you might try to put yourself into harmful situations. Beware of friends deceiving you this year. You are too vulnerable that emotional blackmails might also come in from some quarters. Do not be misled by these trivial matters. Keep your focus on the goals in life and keep running. Perseverance pays and let nothing gets you distracted in your race ahead this season.


This year, your professional life would enter a very constructive phase. You would experience some expansion in your career plans. Do not lose time and hope when things go wrong. Avoid wrong conclusions and keep moving forward. Clarity and a right perspective would be the keywords to a wholesome growth in your career field for this year. Those in the art field would see their imagination run wild and crazy. You can expect some positive developments in this area. The year would bring you into limelight and you would gain much popularity in your professional field. However you are advised to be cautious around the middle of the year. Problems loom around. Listen to you inner conscience and do not heed to advise of others around you for this period. The last part of the year shall see your professional phase gain ample momentum to get you through the next few years without much efforts and concerns.


In this year, your love life would be like heaven. There would be much romance and love on the cards. When hitches arise in the relationship be bold enough to talk things over with your partner to clear the dark clouds. A proper communication and better understanding would do wonders in your relationships for now. But make sure that your aspirations and ambitions are not held back due to your love moves. This is a good time to wean out unwanted relationships in life and stick to the loyal ones. You can express your thoughts and love to your partner in a very transparent atmosphere for now. Get into the company of those who enjoy the good things in life. The middle part of the year shall bring in new scope for love through the connection of friends in life. Do not set unattainable targets in your love life, instead focus on the simple things at hand and enjoy your companionship in a positive note.


The year 2016 hold good promises in your financial field. If you learn to curb your expenses this period, then you would have your hands really full around the end of the year. Get away from lavish spending and unwanted luxuries in life. They can wait for a later date. The first half of the year shall tempt you to get into unnecessary financial moves, beware. You would be able to settle old dues and loans and would be a in a position to get into some savings around the middle of the year. There would be some luck and fortune on for you this year. The last quarter of the year shall see an increased income flow, that favors investments and speculation.


The year promises good health and cheer for all Pisces natives. You would be able to take important decisions regarding your lifestyle and other habits this time which would have long term benefits in your life. Be morally responsible and have an optimistic approach towards life that would further boost your general health and well-being. The middle part of the year might bring in some emotional upheavals that would take a good toll on your health. Be cautious of your diet and mental health. Meditation and yoga would benefit you in the long run. You need to develop your physical endurance level as well in this time.


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