2016 Pisces Horoscope


In the year 2016, there would be some struggles in your family life . Your commitment and attention would be needed by a number of your loved ones this season. You would find yourself stuck in between and you need to take some sides around the year end that might bring in some fireworks back home.


Pisces natives would find the year 2016 very much conducive for their studies and higher education. However an average performance is predicted. Do not expect sweeping success in your exams. There would be some hindrances of sorts like financials and travels that might hamper your study spirit. But you would be able to experiment new modes of studies which might lead you to success in your field. Avoid procrastination and resistances of any sorts that would deny your scope of pursuing your education.


The year holds good promises for trips related to rest and relaxation. Though you would not be in a mindset to go on long trips that might burn your fingers, short trips with family and friends would provide you with much reprieve in life. Let your mind and body indulge in such travels without much hassles.


When confronted with strife in life, just ignore it. There are others concerned to take care of it. Do not take things to your head and heart. Wherever you are now is due to your sole self and no one is to be blamed for it. Take responsibilities into your hands when the time warrants it. Face reality in life. Focus on the future and use your creative side to come to the fore.


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