2017 Gemini Horoscope

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The year 2017 would bring about a productive and creative period for Gemini natives. You would get ample contacts and communications that would bring fodder to your professional life. If you listen more and talk less then you would be able to excel in your field like never before.Venus would help you to avoid being a scatter brain and instead focus your energy towards constructive ideas and ideals.
Be persistent and stubborn and stick to your ambitions, then there would be success in your endeavours.

Your ruling planet Mercury goes for the retrograde spin in April 2017 which might influence you a lot. Your communications and other plans might go haywire. Things would brighten up around May, when it turns Direct, but be prepared for the other two Mercury retrogrades that take place during the course of the year. Venus also goes retrograde in March-April 2017 and this would have influence over your future dreams and relationships.

Stay clear from all sorts of indulgences when it comes to relationships. In May 2017, Mars the planet of energy and enthusiasm would be in your house and would give you the energy to carry on with your life for the rest of the year. Some long-term plans related to your future can be started off now.

Career horoscope 2017 For Gemini

Your pace would be slowed a little when it concerns your career prospects for the year 2017. Hence it would be an ideal time of introspection and re-dedication to your ideals and ambitions in life. You could make some alterations, relocations and changes in your career pursuits for the year ahead. You would be exposed to new methods and modes of doing your service or business, that growth can be exponential. Be open to acquiring new skills, tasks and knowledge in your area of career. Pursue your goals vigorously and do not expect others around to support your ambitions. It is your future and only you can be responsible for your part.

Love and Marriage horoscope 2017 For Gemini

Your love life would get a new meaning and a new path in the year 2017. You would be able to shut down certain redundant relationships in life and pursue new ones. For some of you this period would make you to hit rock bottom in love or marriage. Innovate and find new solutions to keep your relationship alive through the year. There would be ample scope for adventure and romance for those already in a relationship. If you are in a wavering position then this would be the ideal time to resolve all conflicts and come to a conclusion. The married ones would be able to communicate their needs and desires to their partners quite effectively for now. Do not waste your time on unnecessary misunderstandings and quarrels, instead focus on the positives in life. Some major frustrations are likely in this year revolving around your love life.

Finance horoscope 2017 For Gemini

During the year 2017, Gemini natives would be able to see some stability in their hitherto unstable financial status. There would be opportunities for making some long term investments. Your budget might call for a change or revamp as the year progresses. A steady and stable growth is predicted in your financial side for this period. The year would be a good time to negotiate some of your finances for better returns and results. There would be good inflow from your past speculative deals. You would be having your hands full with monetary resources as the year comes to a close. Stay clear of debts, loans and other pending bills and face the year ahead with better financial security.

Advice for Gemini in 2017

Gemini natives would have the good support of Saturn and Venus through the year and hence there would be less pain in your life. However be sure to put all your might and efforts in your forward movement. Be optimistic and allocate some time and funds for recreation and luxury as well. But then do not lie low, instead aim for success in your endeavours. Try to achieve peace and harmony round you during this period. Do not let emotions and sensuality rule your senses.

Health horoscope 2017 For Gemini

Your general health would receive a boost in the year 2017, thanks to the benefic effects of Venus and Jupiter. Do make sure that your diet improves your immunity levels. Some of the Gemini natives might be in for some nervous breakdowns. Keep your morality high as this would help improve your physical and mental well-being for the long term. Stay clear from smoking and drinking and binge eating. They might have long term effects on your general health. Do not be pessimistic with life. Your health would be under a constant cover all through the year thanks to your robust physique and better dietary plans. Do not forget to rely on vitamin and mineral supplements that boost your energy levels.

Family & lifestyle in 2017

Gemini natives would be in for some major fluctuations in their family and home area. There would be rapid mood swing, worries and anxieties. Your domestic interests also vary a lot through the year. However relationships with siblings and elders would be amicable. You might meet with some impediments from family members in your love area. Mercury would bring about occasional crests and troughs of happiness and sorrow in your family life as the year progresses. During the second half of the year, Venus would come to your rescue.

Gemini - Yearly Education 2017

Gemini natives do not have a favorable year ahead when their education and higher studies are concerned. They would meet with roadblocks all along their way. Also competitive exams and job interviews would prove a failure for some. However with sheer determination and hard work through the period, the natives might be able to harness victory in the ensuing year.

Travel horoscope 2017 For Gemini

Traveling would be out of bounds for most of the Gemini individuals during the year 2017©findyourfate.com For some short trips are likely but then they should be aware of accidents and health issues. Travel done for pleasure would not be fruitful as also travels meant for business and career.

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