2017 Gemini Planetary Influences


For Gemini natives, Jupiter would be in the solar third house of Leo for the first half of the year 2017. This would make you busy as a bee and you would be having your hands full all through the period like in 2016. But then be sure that you venture into only beneficial deals in life. Around mid-2017, probably in August, Jupiter would be moving to your solar fourth house of Virgo.
Then things would slow down a bit and you would be able to enjoy life in bits and pieces. Life would be a little subtle with slow and steady progress.

Saturn continues in Gemini till June 2017 for Gemini natives. This would call for much hard work and commitment on your part with absolutely no time for play and fun. But it has your rewards come home doubly. Then when Saturn enters the house of Cancer in June 2017 you are in for much trouble on the financial frontier. Some discipline is expected on this side for a safe future financial standing.

Chiron would be in your solar eighth house all through the year 2017. This focuses your energy towards achieving financial independence in life. There would be some major financial overhauls. Also some of you Gemini natives might develop an interest in occult studies.

Uranus would be moving to the house of Pisces in March 2017. This brings about some changes and your outlook of life differs now. You would be able to find the purpose of your life here on planet earth thanks to the placement of Uranus for this period which extends for the next seven years or so.

Neptune continues its placement as was in year 2016 but now you would be able to get a clear picture of what your future ought to be and what you should be doing to realize your long terms goals in life.

Pluto with its current placement would bring about some great challenges in your life in 2017. You would be needing to wage some relationship battles as well to establish your supremacy. Your power struggles would be more but the results would be in your favour for the year ahead.