2016 Gemini Horoscope


In the year 2016, you would be able to pursue the goals and ambitions that you have sculpted for the past few years. Now you have the chance to reframe or rephrase the same as you would have ample time in your hands. Stick to the reality in life and take the supporting hands of your near and dear ones for important ventures in life.
Co-operative deals would be particularly rewarding you for this year. The year also promises many good opportunities to rebound in life. There would be much optimism and liquidity in life. Look out into your life in a new perspective for this period. Your financial aspects need a redo and also do not take impromptu actions regarding your love life. Put yourself straight to people in your personal and professional life for now.


After a turbulent period, your career comes to a smooth sail for this year, Gemini. There would be much stability and favor of higher-ups in this area for the year of 2016. Confirm that you are on their good books. Authorities would be a good source of encouragement for you now. You would make up a good team leader in your professional space in this time. There would be no better time, than this year for you to bring your ideas and aims to the practical side. Make all efforts to complete ventures that have been dragging on for quite sometime now and then you can go on towards the more greener pastures.


For this year 2016, there would be much passion and affection involved in your love life. There would be recurring periods of ups and downs in this area. Hence you would be able to get ample time to introspect and weight the consequences before you set foot towards a new role in love life. Certain misunderstandings and hitches are in for the middle of the year, but do not lose your hope. Every cloud has a silver lining. Get to the bottom of issues before they get out of hand. Certain friendships and social circles would help you to settle down with the love of your life. Around the end of the year your road in relationship would be a bit clearer with better visibility. If you wish to make major changes in your love life then this would be the apt time to shed off unwanted relationships and look for newer satisfying ones.


The year 2016 shall see you get rid off old debts, loans and losses in your financial side. This is a good time to start afresh even if you have made some major financial blunders in life earlier. Make wise decisions when it comes to property deals and high-value purchases. There would be some expenditure related to an auspicious event at home like that of a marriage or birth of a new child and the like. Be prepared to handle the rainy days with ease. The financial moves that you make now would have a direct impact on your social and personal life as well for the long term. Hence be cautious of your moves. The end of the year shall see you in a better light as far as your finances are concerned.


Though there would be occasional minor health concerns for Gemini natives for this year, the general well-being would be far from average. There would be some weariness which would be a direct impact of the stress and strains of your life. Your lifestyle and habits also need a revamping for your larger interest. Start good habits and exercising and the middle of the year shall see you in good spirits and cheer. Take good time to relax, rejuvenate and revamp your mental and spiritual well being as well. Recreational activities would help you recharge your batteries. Be optimistic, wear your charm and the world would be at your feet, Gemini.