2015 Gemini Horoscope


The year 2015 is likely to bring in major changes in your personal life , Gemini. Long pending personal and professional projects take shape in this time. Your ambitions and ideas shall take a tangible form for now. The last few years would have been very much testing and full of trials and temptations.
But this year shall see you settle down in life. Lay low and introspect. Avoid any misconceptions about life and its percussions on you. This year shall help you to enjoy life to the fullest. The planetary positions shall help you to prioritize your life's plans. However make sure that you do not deviate from your path. The end of the year promises some luck and fortune for you.


This year your professional life would be full of intense work schedule and agendas. The planetary positions for the year shall help you to work on a long term plan while continuing with your routine works as well. Occasional incompatibility would be experienced with your authorities and peers. Make sure you do not strain the relationship too much turning it sour. Try to even out this by changing your way of self-assertion in the professional field. Your creativity shall come to the fore in this period. The end of the year shall see you in a career high.


This year, your relationship shall reach a new level where you would be able to enjoy the benefits of mutual aspirations. Much stability would be experienced in the love front. Your emotional and romantic mood would be at its peak, but make sure that you do not play spoilsport. Your love life would be able to boost your self-confidence and instill in you a new sense of self-satisfaction with life. In general you would be able to have an optimism towards life and relationships. Those already in a relationship shall be able to see a new spark in this year. Be bold and daring when you need to take important decisions regarding love. Those single ones out there are advised to be more choosy in locating their ideal partner for life. Of course they would be provided with a wide range of choice around the middle part of the year.


During the year 2015, your financial status and standing shall see a whole new revamp. You would be more focussed on the long term prospects rather than on the immediate financial future. You are likely to meet with unwanted expenditure during the course of this year. Hence maintain a strict vigil for this period. Make sure that you do not burn bridges. Handle your finances with a sense of security and go in for speculation within the legal personal permissible limits. Do not expect a windfall, only hard work would be able to pay you rich financial dividends for this year.


Your physical and mental health are likely to be a little bit erratic during the first half of the year. Do not give much strain to your physical self. Enjoy, relax and live life to the fullest. Find out your inner spiritual needs and give it a boost by pursing meditation or any other relevant spiritual initiation that might improve your mental makeup. The second half of the year shall see you in good health and cheer thanks to the good placements of the planets. Keep your emotions under check and do not venture into any sort of conflict which might hamper your happiness. Let your stored up energy be put to good use.


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