2014 Gemini Horoscope


During this year 2014, your life would be soft and mellow and it would flow as a river without any impediments. The planets shall have no malefic effects on you during this time period. However you need to think twice before you dive into any new ventures. This is an apt time to put your plans and ideas into work. You need to re-prioritize your relationships.
Luck and fortune shall come for you without much asking. Peace and harmony shall prevail at home and work place. Your environment would be subtle for most of this year. Now you can do better in life than the past few years. Certain controversies that had been bothering you shall now come to an end. Your skill sets would be put to good use during this period. Avoid being a dull-head and plunge into action come what may. Taking risks shall steer you clear to your goals in life. Don"t be subdued by the circumstances at hand.


Your career life would be better than the previous few years in the sense that you would be free from all the annoyances you had then from peers and higher-ups. You would be able to sail smoothly and rise high up the ladder in your professional field. You would be able to earn the goodwill and favor of authorities. Though promotions and other monetary benefits might elude you for quite some time there would be peace in your work place. A generally auspicious period for Geminis who are involved in the service sector and in businesses.


Your love life and relationships shall come to the fore during year 2014. Your sentiments and emotions shall rule the roost for this period. However your overtly sensitive nature need to be curbed to a greater extent. Make all efforts to ensure that you keep your partner of interest or spouse at hand. Else he or she might stray. This is an apt time to fully understand the personality of your soul-mate. But make sure that you do not take advantage of his/ her privacy. this might endanger your relationship. The end of the year shall see you settle down in a comfortable relationship or marriage. Listen to your heart when it comes to love and relationships during 2014.


Your financial inflows for year 2014 would be moderate but self-sustaining. Put your initiatives first to make your finances stable for the period. This is a particularly materialistic period for you with many purchases on the cards. You would be able to clear most of your debts and bonuses and other financial investments shall come from nowhere. Artistic pursuits shall keep the financial inflow steady. Some luck is in store for you in this field. You would be able to find ways to make money with short-term benefits. The end of the year shall rope in huge financial inflows with investments forecast in the field of real estate and high-value gadgets.


Health would be satisfactory over the course of the year 2014 for you. Your appearance is likely to make a statement in this period, hence make sure that you show up a better part of you to the world around. Go in for a make-over of your physique and hair style. At times there would be signs of fatigue due to your hard toiling in the professional field. Do make sure that you take ample rest for a better mental and physical health. You may take a break by going in for some sort of artistic pursuits. Some adventurous sporting activities can also be taken up for a good health trend for this year.

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