2013 Gemini Horoscope


You will be able to consolidate your plans and efforts this year of 2013. You shall be able to reach the crown of your ambitions this year. The planetary positions shall help you in this regard, helping you to reach your targets in life. New avenues seem to open up and it shall bring you closer to achieving your set ideals for life.
Some agitations might come on your way, but do not lose your heart. Move on a practical note and you shall be blessed with a better lifestyle than the previous years.


Some professional hindrances are likely to come for you this year. But the solutions are also there for you in a platter.You shall be able to get the goodwill and support of authorities and peers in your work place. Begin the year on a positive note and things shall work out in your favor. Launch your works during the start of the year and you shall be able to reap the fruits towards the end of the year. There would be much freedom for you to work and peace shall prevail in your professional arena. Be ready to take in the opinions and suggestions from your co-workers. Flexibility rather than rigidity shall be able to solve most of your problems in this area.


This year your love life would be much more stable than the previous years. There would be much of constructive developments in your relationship area. You would be able to express your love and affection in a more better way. There would be a volatile situation during the start of the year. But as the year progresses, things would get stabilized as far as love relations are concerned. You would be able to achieve harmony in life with partner. If single this year would be a good time to hunt for a better half. Love at first sight might even work out for you.


Those in the sales and marketing segments shall see a surge in their financial assets this year. You ought to curb your expenditure to a necessary minimum to achieve the ideals in your life. The planetary positions this year shall be able to meet your financial requirements but make sure you purchase what is just essential for you. Do not indulge into unwanted extravaganza in life for this year. This will keep you on track in the financial area. During the middle of the year there would be some financial jitters but you shall come out unharmed. Do not yield to any sort of frustrations as far as finances are concerned. Try to avoid bad directions and bad speculative deals for this year.


Your health and vitality shall remain satisfactory for most of the year 2013, though small health issues cannot be ruled out. You might be vulnerable to catch on some communicable health issues hence maintain some caution in this aspect. It would be essential on your part that you maintain your diet and exercise schedules. Be prepared to relax and preserve your health. Do not indulge in too much of work. Some digestive issues are likely to crop up in the end of the year. Health likely to take a beating then due to much stress and tension in personal and professional life .

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