2016 Gemini Planetary Influences


The year 2016 would be heavy and burdensome for Gemini natives with Saturn opposed to your sign and Jupiter square to the Virgin sign of Virgo. But things shall look up after the middle of the year when Jupiter transits to the house of Libra. Saturn in opposition to your sign makes your relationships weak, fragile and easy to break.

There would be frequent quarrels and misunderstandings for those newly weds or those new to a relationship. You will not be able to take it forward easily. 2016 however would be favorable for Gemini natives as far as love and relationships are concerned as Venus would be transiting your house of partnership and marriage. Around the end of 2016 when Mars transits the same house there would be some unforeseen break-ups or misunderstandings with your partner.

Throughout 2016, Pluto will be in Gemini's Seventh House of marriage and partnerships. Therefore, you can expect a change in the current situation of your relationship. In May 2016 Mars would be in your 11th house and this would improve your energy levels. The end of July 2016 brings Venus retrograde and this cautions you to remain calm and under control.