2017 Scorpio Planetary Influences


Scorpio natives would see a grand trine formed by Saturn in Cancer, Uranus in Pisces and Sun during the second half of the year 2017 which would be brining about major changes in the hitherto dull and sluggish lifestyle.

Jupiter would be in your 10th Solar house of Leo for the first half of the year.
This would bring about some harsh environment in your workplace. But make these into opportunities favorable for your growth story. Accept changes as they come your way and victory would be yours for the asking. In August 2017, Jupiter shifts to your 11th Solar house of Virgo. Then you would be able to reap the benefits of your previous periods of sowing. Your social circle expands and there would be good gains in life clubbed with better professional performance all through the year.

Saturn would be in the zodiac house of Gemini till June 2017. This placement would have brought in major financial troubles for the Scorpio natives. You would have made many budgetary alterations and austerity measures but still find the going tough. Once Saturn enters Cancer it would be a favorable placement for you. Then your ambitions and goals would feel within reach. There would be scope for higher studies for some deserving natives. This would be a good time to make foundations for a successful tomorrow.

Chiron would be placed in the Solar third house for Scorpio natives. This would bring to the fore the grudges and bitterness that you are clinging to in life and ways and means to get rid of the same. An apt time to heal long time wounds in life.

Uranus in Aquarius during the start of 2017 moves to the house of Pisces around March, 2017. This would bring about many opportunities to progress in life. New energy flow would be possible. Favorable decisions would be taken by you in this period thanks to the placement of Uranus.

Neptune with its present placement would be draining your internal and external energies playing spoilsport on your overall well-being in general. Better engage yourself in some spiritual or social works to let your steam off now and then.

In year 2017, Pluto would stay in its same position as in year 2016 and would be able to bring about some transformations regarding your abilities and talents. You would be now able to pool in your resources and finances to do something worthwhile for the society as a whole.

For the year 2017, the eclipses occur in your sign of Scorpio and this would bring about the changes that you have been long yearning for in life. There would be a great relief from old patterns in life and you would be able to build yourself around new ideas and ideals with the help of the energies of the eclipses that are due in 2017.