2016 Scorpio Horoscope


This year holds new promises and new insights into your life like ever before. You would be able to come out of situations that had been quite haunting you for the past few years. There would be new avenues of possibilities on your personal and professional life. Much development is forecast in your life for this year. Your energy levels would be greatly increased that you would have the ability to achieve and desire new things in life.
You would put brakes on some projects that have been consuming more resources and time in this year. The middle period of the year might bring in some worries and anxieties that need to be curbed and brought under total control. Be alert to the situations around you as there are many chances that would play spoilsport on your ambitions this year. Be bold, face the obstacles that come by and keep your cool. Hold no grudges against anybody and victory would be by your side.


For this year, you would be able to face your competitors head on in your career field. The time has come to pay them back with all your might. But do not be complacent, instead keep climbing against the wind. Favor would be by your side when there is hard work involved. Hold an optimistic approach in all the projects that you handle. Commitment would be the order of the day and you would be able to get into the good books of your superiors. However the middle period of the year shall bring in some hindrances that would prove unwarranted for you. Restructuring your work plans would bring you back on track. Be ready to negotiate when dealing with peers when the pressures exceeds the limits. Ask for a pay hike or a promotion around the end of the year as you are due for this for quite sometime now. Also be ready to assess your position when things go awry.


In this year 2016, you would be able to find true love in your life. Be consistent in your approaches towards your partner. Do not pay heed to trivial matters that might mar the betterment of your relationship. Whatever said and done home is where you get the best love and care of your life. You need to assert your say here as time goes fleeting by. There would be a sudden twist of events that might change your path in your love life. React to this but in a positive sense. The middle period of the year would also get you into tricky situations that would affect the sensuous and romantic you. Your desires in love would be hindered. Stick to your conscience and convictions in life. You would win your love in the end. The year would see you in extreme phases of emotions and passions that would wax and wane with the tides. Keep flowing with the waters.


For the year ahead there would be much luck and fortune by your side that your earthly journey would be more easier than you had expected. With better financial inflow you would be able to face obstacles in life with greater ease. Though there would be minor hiccups related to property deals your optimistic approach shall see you through unscathed. The middle period of the year would call in for a re-evaluation of your budget and financial moves. Be ready to make changes to bring stability in your financial status. A new addition or auspicious events at home might call for expenditure out of your way, be ready to handle this situation.


The start of the year shall see you in good shape and health. Be sure to focus on your health and do not be a couch potato. There would be a surge for energy resources during the year, hence plan your energy expenses wisely. You need some rest occasionally as fatigue and restlessness might set in. Do not let in for wear and tear instead try to focus yourself more on health. An optimistic mindset would be the key to survival. Do not overeat, instead follow a balanced diet and make sure that you do not hoard much fat or carbs.


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