2016 Scorpio Planetary Influences


The first half of the year 2016 would be good for you in love and relationships as Jupiter is posited in the sign of Virgo. But around the middle of the year when Jupiter transits to Libra, be prepared for some debacles in this area. However Jupiter would bring in financial stability and good inflow during the first half that would be able to sustain you till 2017 when Saturn sextiles with your sign.

The latter part of 2016 would drain you financially as Jupiter would no longer be favorable for you with its position in the house of Libra. Saturn would bring its due share of troubles and issues in life that would break your optimism levels in 2016. Health needs to be under constant check with Saturn in your neighbouring house of Sagittarius. But then Uranus would help you to tide over the turmoil in your life.

Pluto which is in your house of intelligence would be favorable for you all through the year. Those natives into higher studies and research would be benefited by it. During the second part of January 2016 Mars and Venus would be transiting your third house. This favors short travels and artistic pursuits. During May 2016 when Venus transits your 9th house you are in for some pleasure trips of the year.

In the latter half of June and in the former half of July 2016, due to retrograde Mercury in Scorpio's Ninth House, you are advised to stay away from travelling and making important communications in life. This is a period when your judgement would be swayed a lot landing you in untold suffering.