2017 Capricorn Planetary Influences


Jupiter would be in Leo till the middle of 2017. This would improve your financial conditions better than the past years. There would be financial inflow from myriad sources and hitherto unexpected sources. But then this would be in a staggered fashion. Once Jupiter enters Virgo in August 2017, there would be a smooth sail in life.
Your career takes you to new heights. Think big in terms of finances and time. Your knowledge base would increase and there would be scope for adventure in life.

Saturn in Gemini till June 2017 would have given less reward for all the hard work you have put in. It would have been maximum struggle but with minimum results in life. Also some health issues might haunt you in this period. Once Saturn moves out of Gemini to Cancer, the pressure would be let off a little bit. But do not expect total peace of mind. You would be able to get some recognition in life, a positive energy flow is likely. You would be looked up to by those around you in times of need.

Chiron continues to hover in your house of Capricorn as it had been for the past two years or so. This would bring about physical and mental healing for Capricorn natives. A good time for self-examination and self-improvement.

Uranus would be in your Solar second house till March 2017. This would improve your financial standing and pave way for what you ought to do with the resources at hand. Then in March 2017, Uranus shifts to your third Solar house when there would be many avenues to garner a better knowledge base. You can go in for a major lifestyle change, launch your new niche products or get into social or charity works.

Neptune continues its position as in last year and helps you to clean up some of the mess created by the placement of Uranus. It helps you to focus your vision towards success in a more positive way.

Pluto continues its position as in year 2016 and helps to bring out the best personality in you. It helps you to build a better future for you free from all sins and transgressions of the yester-years.

The energy from the eclipses of the past year would have subdued your inner spirits and made you lie low in life. Only spiritual pursuits would have kept you afloat. However the eclipses of 2017 would help engage you into your favorite past times, like adventure and networking or socializing. Your creativity can be brought to the foreground now.