2016 Capricorn Horoscope


The year 2016 holds opportunities to renew and reframe the goals and ideals of your life. There would be much growth and development in all phases of your life. You would need to strengthen yourself mentally to achieve your ambitions. However be prepared to realize the limits you are bound to have. There would be much influences from people around you.
You need to choose what suits you best for the long term. Do not pay heed to unnecessary criticisms that might dull your spirits. There would be some misunderstandings with your peer level that might haunt you for long. Not much of your efforts and works would be appreciated. Protect yourself from this turmoil as they may have serious repercussions on your life. Get rid off all unknown negative forces around and enjoy the freedom of life in all its glory.


In this year 2016, your career would ask for more effort and input than usual from your side. Only commitment would take you to new heights this season. You have the wherewithal to grow, you need to have a sight on the future. There would be better professional satisfaction for the year. Put yourself ahead in all the projects that you handle, this would take you places. Do not be too picky with others as they would have their own levels of growth. Count your blessings in the career arena and look to your subordinates for mental strength and personal upport. There is an enormous task before you, but do not lose your heart. Take steps one by one on a solid footing and you would reach the target by the end of the year. You need to have a planned approach keeping off from procrastination that can work wonders in your career field.


The year 2016 promises new hopes, new insights and new avenues in your love life. Everything happens swiftly , hence keep your eyes and ears open for any sort of romantic and sensuous movements of your partner in life. There would be overall satisfaction in your love life for the year. Do not restrict yourself too much, let your emotions run wild. There would be constructive growth in your love life for now. Try to keep it simple with your relationships. Transparency could solve lot of interpersonal problems in life. Your love life would move in a positive direction for this period, however be prepared to handle temporary occasional scuffles and rifts with partner. They help you both to come more closer on a mental plane.


The year 2016 would prove very challenging as far as managing your finances are concerned. You would be ruled by your emotions in this time period, hence be cautious to tackle your finances. Relatives and friends however would be a source of moral support in times of need and advise. Do not drive your finances on an auto mode, because you need to prioritize certain expenses of yours. Things and events would happen swiftly that there would not be ample time for taking major financial decisions. Around the last quarter of the year, there would be scope for long term investments and speculative deals. Thus you would be able to start building up a better financial future for you. There would bebetter inflow of funds that care should be exercised in how you spend and save.


This year 2016 you would be full of energy that all types of activities related to the physical plane would draw you near. However emotional side of you would be a major source of drain for your energy reserves. You can cut on this by following some artistic or recreational pursuits. These would help you to charge up immediately. Family and peers in work place need a lot from you for this year. You need to make drastic changes in your diet plans and exercising regimen. Come out of your sedentary lifestyle as it rings a death bell. Get yourself spiritually reinforced through meditation, pilgrimage and other related moral deeds.


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