2016 Capricorn Horoscope


For this year you would be able to concentrate more on your family and its general well being like never before. Do spend quality time with your loved ones this time period as you would not always get such opportunities every now and then. However beware of friends and relatives who might use you as a scapegoat in their lives. Get as far as possible from these guys.


Capricorns who intend to go for higher education this year would not be able to get through easily. However the others would be able to perform satisfactorily. If you are aiming to go through competitive exams then this would be the right time to put in all your efforts. Anyway be prepared for some hindrances en-route. Some would find this the right time to change their stream of study as well. Do not be cowed down by failures, stand up and keep running, success is just round the corner.


Though you Capricorns are not much fond of travel, the year holds good promises for many travels as you would have the much needed time and resources for the same. While initially there would be trips related to your profession or work, the end of the year would see you going on some pleasure trips.


In this year you would be more in control of yourself that you can use properly your stored up resources. You always put work in front of you. But now for this year, why not present your personal life to the foreground. This is what ultimately that would give you happiness and peace in life and not what you had achieved in your career field.