2017 Taurus Planetary Influences


For the year 2017, the planets would be harmoniously placed for Taurus natives. The past few years would have been just terrible for Taurus people with bad placements. Now changes would be subtle and slow in and life would be easier in general. For the first half of the year Jupiter would be in the house of Leo, your 4th house.
This calls for some major changes or renovations in your home. Around mid-2017 Jupiter moves into the house of Virgo, when you would be set free. You would be able to recharge yourself and there is also some good romance on the cards due to this placement of Jupiter.

Saturn would be in the house of Gemini for the first half of 2017. During this time Taurus natives have to hold on to their purses tight if they intend to come over the financial troubles in store for them during this period. Then when Saturn moves to Cancer around August 2017, in the middle of the year, there would be a great relief on your financial side.

Chiron would be in your 9th house for the year 2017. This would encourage some studies in healing and metaphysical sciences. You would be able to feel the vibrations around you in a positive sense for now..

Uranus would be in the house of Aquarius for the first two months and then moves on to Pisces. Uranus in Aquarius would not have taken you far into your ambitions and wishes in life. Now the transit would help you to improve your life style. You would be drawn towards new spiritual pursuits for the period.

Neptune which was in your 10th house in 2016 would continue to stay in the same house. Taurus natives would be able to connect with the higher power with this placement.

Pluto would be playing with your finances as it did last year too. For some relocations are on the cards. Accept change and adapt to flexibilities in life as Pluto would bring about a lot of changes in your life through the course of the year. Pluto would also be asking you to take an active part in maintaining relationships. Hold on to your loved ones and cherish them for the year.