2016 Taurus Horoscope


The year of 2016 promises a period of much social life and good times with your near and dear ones. There would be perfect harmony as you have desired for quite sometime and which had been eluding you for quite a long time. The year would be very auspicious for you that things you endeavor would end up in your favor however hard the wind blows against you.
This year would be full of activities, travels and hard -to-keep assignments and time-laden work schedules. You would be having your hands full all through the year. Make sure that you get the help of those around you as you cannot stay single here in this arena. The middle of the year might compel you to make some impulsive decisions that might have a direct impact on your long term plans. Avoid any misdoings in your personal and professional life to have a period free from worries and anxieties. You are advised to avoid procrastination for the year as it might have serious repercussions in your life.


The year of 2016 would bring the creative side of yours to the foreground, Taurus. Do not hesitate to take risks in your professional field for this time period. You would be amply rewarded during the year-end. Grab opportunities as they come their way as lost things do not come back searching for you. This is a good time to ask for a pay rise or a promotion as you would be in the good books of your authorities for this year. Getting things done on a joint-basis would yield high returns now. Those in contractual assignments should see their graph climb a steep path. But those in business are advised to curb their financial spending to a certain extent as gains would be nominal only.


For the year 2016, Taurus natives would see a good emotional love life. There would be much efforts on your part to get the goodwill and favor of your loved ones for this season. You would become more sociable now that it would be easy for you to get the eyes of the opposite sex on you. This year is a good time to dedicate yourself for the well-being of your loved ones particularly your partner. For those in search of a partner, the time is ripe when friendship turns into favorable love. Those already in a relationship would be able to find the going easy. The middle period of the year might bring in some bad luck in your love front. There would be frequent misunderstandings, hitches, hindrances and delays that might result in temporary separation from partner as well. However the end of the year would bring back the passionate you back alive. You are advised not to rush things, instead lay low and let your partner do the talking if it is a live or die situation. Indulge yourself, Taurus for the good times are ahead...


The year 2016 would be a time for you to get awakened to your senses regarding your financial standing and its future. There would be good career or business growth, clubbed with a better financial inflow. Hence you need to revamp your budget and set aside some for your future growth plans. You are advised to make some major financial changes regarding investments and speculative deals. Avoid loans and debts for this period as it might recoil back dwindling your savings or resources by a considerable extent. A good period to make wise decisions regarding the inflow and outflow of your hard earned finances.


The year 2016 would be a year full of good health and cheer for Taurus natives. You start the year with high energy levels and this continues till the very end of the year. You would be in good form with optimism surrounding you. But do not overindulge yourself and beware of health consequences that might arise. Get rid of stress and strain from your life by going in for some exercises or aerobics that might boost your energy levels. Be the master of yourself and let no bad habits play spoilsport in your life as the year promises many opportunities for the same.


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