2016 Taurus Horoscope


With stability as your forte you would be more bend on home and its affairs for the year like never before. Though you would have much deviations make sure that you give your family their due share of love and care. You better avoid much socializing and give it back at home. You need their love in return as well, right??


Taurus natives would feel some delays and hindrances in their higher studies' aspirations. Those in the formal level and secondary level of studies would find the sailing smooth. Generally all natives would see good scope for success in their educational endeavors across the board. Some are likely to go for higher education away from their native place. There might be some stiff competition with peers in your place of study. A sincere effort and commitment shall see you through come out successful. A spiritual affinity would give you the much needed concentration in your studies, Taurus.


Though not much travel is not on the cards for the year 2016, let your trips be mentally and physically be stimulating for you. Short trips owing to business and pleasure are likely for the year. Get into an adventurous mode when the situation warrants it.


You are advised to take up some hobbies or works that interest you for this year as a stress buster. Bring out the creativity in you and take time out for yourself. You are a lover of beautiful things in life and this period would provide you with the right motivation to get the best in you, make good use of this.


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