2016 Aquarius Horoscope


This year of 2016 would be a good period as far as your social life is concerned. Also you would be able to consolidate your personal relationships as well in this period. Assert yourself and make sure that you get your desired dose of freedom in life. Your natural diplomatic approach comes to your rescue when things go wrong around you.
Put all your might to bring harmony and peace around you. When entering into new assignments or contracts look into the finer print. Frauds and tricksters loom around you like never before. Let your quarreling or arguing nature be subdued for this year period as it might land you in unwanted troubles. You get a good opportunity to weed off unwarranted relationships this period. You might need to take some painful decisions but they do you more good in the long run.


In this year, you would be able to continue with the works or ventures that you had started last year. This would be a very favorable period for you to start new projects and initiate new tasks in your work place. You would be motivated a lot now that there would not be much hesitation to climb the corporate ladder. The middle part of the year would reward you enough for the toils that you had done till date. Your diplomatic skill would help you to tackle the toughest people in your work field. In fact you would be able to get the favor your authorities as well. Luck and fortune are by your side, do not hesitate to dare and dream big. Keep working, putting all your might that the end of the year shall see in your full light. Some legal tangles are forecast for the year-end, beware.


Love would be favorable for you all through the year of 2016. You would be more receptive to your partner for this time period. Shed off your diplomatic self and be transparent when it comes to your love relationship. The middle part of the year holds good promises related to peace, harmony, romance and sensuous moves on your part. There would be more attraction to your partner this time of the year. Keep yourself tuned to the needs of your loved ones, particularly your partner in life. There would be an inner peace when things look rosy on the love side. Around the end of the year, you would need to take an important decisions regarding your love life and its future. If single, you would be able to get constructive towards a relationship, and those already engaged would see some stability settle in.


The year would see you moving towards your financial goals more fervently than before. Short term prospects of your financial moves looks good for the season. But do not be complacent with immediate returns. The middle of the year would bring in unwanted expenditure of sorts that would topple your budget for the year. However giving serious thoughts and a determined effort would bring you back on track in a couple of month's time. Use your finances wisely for an auspicious event at home, for improving your home, increasing your status of lifestyle and the like. Good financial inflow is likely around the end of the year. Be ware of the fine print when you enter into financial deals. Focus on the task on hand and learn to prioritize your spending for your finances to be safe and under check.


In this year, your health remains good with stimulation coming both from the physical and the mental side. Some nervousness might creep in at times. Keep a check so that you remain in the pink of your health. Do not scatter your energy, instead use it wisely. The middle part of the year, would ask for much toil, be prepared for the worst case scenario. Your moods might wander and wax and wane, take some time off for rest and relaxation. This would help to soothe your nerves and muscles that had worked for long. Take care of your diet, go for a detox program, and then there would be wonderful changes in your self. Strike a balance between work and play for you have a long way to go, Aquarius.


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