2016 Aquarius Horoscope


For the year 2016, your relationships with your family would see its ups and downs. However you would find ample time to reach out to your folks in times of need. Try to focus more on your personal side than on the professional side. Put in some financial resources to bail out some of your loved ones. Also you can use some of your finances for home improvement and the like that would help improve your standing in the family.


For the year 2016, Aquarius natives would see betterment in their areas of study. However you would encounter competition and stiff resistance if you are opting for higher studies. You would be able to clear your exams and tests due for the year with good marks. Keep worries and anxieties off from you and focus on your studies for success in this field for the year ahead. There would be an unfavorable environment at home that might hamper your studies for quite sometime.


The year would be filled with travels in lieu of professional and social assignments. These trips would help you garner much knowledge and improve your skills. However allocate some time for trips with your family as well as they need your support and commitment in life too.


The year would give you its due share of pressure and work load in life. However focus on your goals in life and keep going. Do not lose your energy and momentum, hang onto it come what may. Stress and tensions in life might be a major hindrance this period. Keep goals as a target and march ahead shooing away unwanted distractions and distrubances in life.