2016 Aquarius Planetary Influences


Saturn posited in the house of Sagittarius would help you to make important decisions regarding your marriage or love in 2016. Much more commitment would be required on your side. In the second half of the year when Jupiter transits from Virgo you would be able to find new friend or partners in your professional and personal life.

All through the year of 2016 Saturn would be in your 10th house of career along with the North node of the Moon. This would bring about drastic changes in your career front. However your authority and creativity would be put to test and trial. But perseverance would help you to lay new foundations in this front.

All through the year, Uranus in Aries would hep you with innovative ideas and solutions for life's problems. Neptune in Aquarius' house of money can bring along benefits from artistic pursuits and businesses connected with liquids for the natives. However Neptune might also bring about financial doldrums in life, hence beware. Neptune in the house of personality would bring about some spiritual inclinations in life as well.

February 2016 will be benefic to you, because Venus will be in Aquarius' Third House. You can prove your artistic talents in general, and pleasure trips are on the cards for this time period.

In May 2016, Mars will be transiting Aquarius' Third House, affecting communication. However you would be loaded with much energy that would see through the year unharmed.

Mercury will be retrograde in the former half of February 2016, right through your sign of Aquarius, and in the former half of October through the house of spirituality, influencing your life. There would not be any consistency in your thoughts and actions. However you are advised against panics and postpone decision-making once Mercury turns direct.