2015 Aquarius Horoscope


During this year there would be much pressure on you from all quarters. Garner all your strength and energy and face the world with all your might. Do listen to your inner -self else things might turn against you. Do not over-indulge when it comes to work or leisure. Express yourself confidently to others around and take opportunities as they come your way.
Who knows you might miss a potential lead to stardom. Works left undone for quite some time now might take wings. Socializing would be taking a major chunk of your time for this year. Jupiter helps you to go in search of your ambitions and ideals in life. Saturn shall reveal your creativity and talents to the fore. Some sedentary and lonely period also awaits you around the year end. Be prepared for this too...


Your professional life this year would be uneventful with things going on as it was for the previous few years. But it is not always going to be a bed of roses.. Things shall get heated up and there would be changes en-route. You stand to gain much exposure and experience in this time period in your professional front. You need to mobilize your energy reserves to climb up the professional ladder. Those in business shall see much growth, particularly in the lateral side. Remain calm and proceed with your creative talents for better scope in the career field for now.


During the year 2015, your love life would be much more stabilized and grounded. However some darker moments are predicted with temporary separation or small rifts in the relationship through the year. There would be moments of uncertainty in your relationship as well at times. Friends play a major role in influencing your relationship for this year period. The last half of the year shall see you settle down with an ideal partner/ spouse for life. Certain decisions regarding relationships should be taken then and there to prevent any further rifts. Better communication would be the key to your relationships for this year.


During this financial year, your ride would be more smooth and steady. Set your priorities and focus on the tasks on hand. Avoid unwanted extravaganza in life and keep a tab of your financial spending. Give up on certain expenses to stabilize your budget. The middle of the year calls for much expenses from all quarters. It would be a tough period to curb your spending spree. Do not compromise on your savings. The last half of the year predicts some expenses related to real estate and investment deals. Sow now to reap at a later date, Aquarius.


Your general health would not fail you at any cost for this year. The planets shall support your immune system and see to that you remain in the pink of health all through the year. Do rejuvenate your mind and soul periodically. Avoid over-indulgence in food and other bad habits if you have any as it is likely to take a toll on your health. Take up a sport of your choice to give your muscles the much needed workout. Diet and exercising need to be done to maintain your physique throughout the year. Overall the year shall give positive results for this area of your life with no major health issues scaring you.


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