2019 Planetary Influences

The Major Planetary Influences in the year 2019 are listed for all the zodiac signs here. Do you think that theplanetary alignment really has an influence on the people? If yes, then you are right.The planetary transits and other notable astronomical events that take place in the zodiac sky really have a bearing on us mortals living here. And the effects vary for the natives differently

based on their sun signs. This section gives the possible planetary influences that are likely to hold sway in your life for the year 2019 based on your sun signs. The planets in the zodiac sky hold sway over our lives. This is how the planets may influence the trends in year 2019.

Year 2019 would be a great year in history with its own share of surprises, political and economic changes and the like. With major transits and eclipses on the cards there would be a major influence on the global level during the period. The planets have a natural force which influences the biological, physical, mental and emotional states of individuals and other mundane aspects. The different positions of the planets through the year has either a positive or negative effect on mankind as a whole. Find out more about this year's trend on this aspect. Will the planetary influences this year affect you based on your zodiac sign? Read on...


The planetary influences on Aries would be quite favorable for the year 2019. Aries' ruler Mars enters its own house on January 8th and would be there till February 20, 2019. During this period you would be more aggressive, courageous and assertive than ever before. Challenges that intimidated you till now, become quite easy to handle.


Year 2019 promises planetary influences that would have an impact on your relationships in general. Both personal and professional relationships get a major make-over through the year. Sharing, trust, financial commitments and manipulation would be the keywords emphasized by the planets for the period.


For the year 2019, both Saturn and Uranus would be posited in the 7th house for Gemini natives. Hence marriage and partnership deals are highlighted for the period. You would be learning some important lessons the hard way through the year. On January 8th, Mars would be entering your 10th house of career.


In year 2019, Jupiter plays and important role for Cancer guys. There would be good growth opportunities in your career front. You would hog the limelight, embrace any change that comes in your career field. Some natives can look forward to overseas assignments as well.


Year 2019 seems to be a fortunate year for Leos thanks to the planetary placements due for the period. The year begins with January offering ample scope for adventure and pleasure trips. The end of the month promises some romance and love which ignites the sensuous fire in you.


The year 2019 offers great professional opportunities for Virgo guys. You would be able to make ample money through speculative deals as well. The year starts with Mars upping your sexual energy levels to a new high. Unconventional romantic encounters likely for some of you folks.


Relationships get greatly emphasized for Libras through the year 2019 thanks to the planetary placements for the period. In January, there would be a great stir in your relationships brought about by Mars. You would encounter confrontations of sorts.


Career gets greatly emphasized for Scorpio guys this year. Those looking for an alternate career path or change are in for a major surprise. The planetary placements for the period help you to climb up the corporate ladder without much difficulty this season.


The year 2019 starts with Mars entering your house of love and romance on January 8th. Expect goodness in this area for a couple of months’ time. The last week of January might call you to prove your mettle in the love arena.


Home and domestic affairs get highlighted this year for Capricorn folks. Relocation on the cards for some natives as the planets favor this through the year. As the year starts, Mars brings about some excitement in the domestic arena.


Year 2019 promises some high-value purchases for Aquarius folks. You also develop a sense of responsibility towards the society you move in these days. January 2019 is quite favorable for academic pursuits for the aspiring ones.


Year 2019 promises financial empowerment for Pisces folks. You would get a pay hike, there might be some luck and fortune due for you. You would encounter success in your career and business endeavors too. January 2019 favors some financial indulgences on your part.

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