2019 Leo Planetary Influences


Year 2019 seems to be a fortunate year for Leos thanks to the planetary placements due for the period. The year begins with January offering ample scope for adventure and pleasure trips. The end of the month promises some romance and love which ignites the sensuous fire in you.

February might bring in some financial hitches. Do not foray in taking advance payments or loans for the period. Troubles lurk around the financial sector for you. March 2019 promotes travel plans and educational pursuits of the Leo folks. The lunar eclipse due in April brings about turbulence in communications and travel plans. There might be obstacles from all quarters. Mars brings out the socialite in you. But then beware as Mars enters your 12th house that might bring some secrets to the fore.

June 2019 asks for a change of routine and plans from Leo guys. Around the 20’s of the month, some luck and fortune shall come for you. Then as the Sun moves into your homestead around July things start to lighten up your life. Optimism follows. August promises much financial gains and good trends with the Sun still loitering in your sun-sign.

September probable to bring about some changes in career field that has been long overdue. Then October might bring about some dilemmas in life, you would be asked to make some harsh decisions that might affect those around you. November holds good surprises for you. Finally December 2019 brings your social side to the fore. Also happy journeys are on the anvil.

Saturn in your home for most of the year likely to affect you through the year. Unforeseen events might block your financial journey. Love and romance are also likely to be affected. A sense of negativity would surround you. But then Jupiter posited in the zodiac sign of Scorpio would help you to improve your financial standing. However this combination is quite portent, hence be cautious.

During the first week of April 2019, the retrograde Saturn goes Direct when personal and professional life would look up. Then in May, 2019 when Mars also enters your hometown you would be able to achieve better results.

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