2020 Leo Planetary Influences



Through the year 2020, you would be setting new goals as your past ones get met thanks to the planetary influences for the period. You would be hogging the limelight despite your intensions to lay low for the period. You would be given new responsibilities and more opportunities to showcase your talents this year.


From January to June of 2020, Jupiter would be transiting the zodiac house of Cancer. This placement would revive your sense of imaginations and dreaming. Also you would feel quite relaxed and secured for the period. Your spiritual and charity pursuits get highlighted, but make sure that you work behind the scenes. Not a time to attract attention. Then from August to December 2020, Jupiter would be traversing your house. Since such a position would occur only after a twelve years’ time, make good use of this favorable position. Make major changes that you feel like making now. Almost everything seems to work in favor of you but do not overdo. Do think before you leap.


During year 2020, Saturn would be able to help you realize some of your life’s long lost dreams. It also favors team work or cooperative deals for the period. Particularly social and charity works would be highlighted. Saturn would help you to make good acquaintances through the year. Prospective partners for love might also come into your fold these days.

Outer Planets

Uranus and Neptune in 2020 would bring major hindrances and challenges to your relationships and marriage. Add to this Uranus and Neptune would be in direct opposition to the Sun and this would bring about major changes in these areas. Pluto through the year would enhance your skill set. Also it would bring about major changes in the structure of your family, particularly there would be addition and deletion from the family.


Leo natives would be impacted by the Eclipses both lunar and solar that happen in 2020. They would alter the way you express your love and accept love. You might feel let down in love/marriage or relationships. The eclipses would help you to remove hindrances in your love path but after much trials and temptations only. Hold on to loyal and trust worthy partners these days, as your relationship would be tested beyond limit during the eclipse seasons.

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