2018 Leo Planetary Influences


Leo natives stand to benefit a great deal thanks to the favorable planetary positions in year 2018. You would be bringing about innovativeness in your life and hence challenges would be easier to tread on. There would be significant improvement in your financial and professional standing. The year helps you to prune relationships and help you with a comfy living.

For the first half of the year, Jupiter would be travelling your 10th house of profession. This would improve your professional performances. You would be driven to accomplish hitherto undone things. Success would come naturally to you this period, however natives are advised not to take pride to their head. Then for the second half of the year, Jupiter would be traversing your 11th house of friendship and gains. This would change your social world altogether for the better. Lots of financial gains are also due for the period.

Saturn would be transiting the 10th house of Leo natives in year 2018. You would be able to meet some of your long-term goals now, however make sure that you stick to your priorities in life. You would get into the good books of authorities however your responsibilities might wear you down.

Uranus would be bringing about a change that is quite massive in your relationship areas in year 2018. You would be suddenly jolted into a new set of rules in your personal life. It would take sometime for you to sink in though.

Neptune would be transiting your 7th house of relationships. This helps you to forgive and forget others around and foray into new avenues or relationships.This year Pluto's travel would help the Leo natives to bring their creative side to the fore. You would be able to bring some of your most hidden talents out now and earn laurels as the year progresses.

The eclipses due in year 2018 would help you to realize your deepest yearnings. You would be able to know your inner potential now.

A good time when you would be hearty and healthy to focus your energies towards creative ventures..