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Leo Love Compatibility Horoscope 2019

Leo Compatibility for 2019

Your 7th house of love and marriage would be quite strong for year 2019. Uranus and Neptune are posited in your 7th house bringing about a desire to change. Uranus brings about a desire for excitement. While Neptune asks you to settle down for the divine purpose. This brings about many short term unstable, incompatible relationships in your love life. You would be having a grand vision of your partner and so they may not be able to meet your mark. The single Leos would be marrying through the period. Some married Leos would settle for divorce or second marriage. It would be a difficult period for you to choose the right compatible partner for life. This is because you have high ideals regarding love. If you are able to downsize your expectations, then better compatible relationships come streaming in.

Your 11th house becomes strong in July 2019. This brings about new friendships and relationship which are quite compatible for you in the long run. There would be much romance as your wavelength is in harmony with those you have opted into your life.

Best and Worst compatibility signs for 2019

Best and Worst love match signs for 2019

Love pursuits of Leo guys would be fairly good all through the year 2019. Finding true and compatible partner or relationship would be on your to-do list this year. And most of you folks would achieve the same before the year ends.

However be prepared for some passionate and sensuous moments around, pleasant surprises also on the cards. And setbacks might also creep in. With you hogging the limelight, potential partners come naturally attracted to you. But then you have to make sure that they make compatible partners for you.

Avoid hasty and impulsive decisions in your love and relationship areas for the period. Pampering your partner financially and emotionally would help you to win him or her over. Those in a long term relationship would be able to tie the knot through the year. The single ones however need to slog a bit to attract or woo partners or love interests.

Virgo and Scorpio natives make good compatible partners for Leo folks this year. With luck and passion on your side expect a romantic period ahead. Stay clear of Aries, Cancer, Gemini and Pisces guys for the year as they are loaded to gun you down.