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Love Compatibility Horoscope 2019

Love Compatibility Horoscopes- 2019

The planets hold sway over our love life. This section brings in all details related to love, romance and the compatibility you are going to enjoy with your partner through year 2019.

The period proves to be quite good for the love life of almost all the zodiac signs. However Virgo and Sagittarius be prepared for some heartbreaks for the season.But then with time, you would be able to rewind and recover. It would be a period of mixed emotions for Cancer guys.

The first two zodiac signs namely Aries and Taurus are promised a wonderful love life this year. Be prepared for crests and troughs though on the romantic side.

Most Pisces natives are likely to tie the knot this year as the period is conducive for the same. Some Leos and Caps would at last be able to locate their potential partner. Gemini, Aquarius and Scorpio though not much love-worn this period would be able to give in their best to their partners. Libras might have to start all over again in their love life.

Here's wishing you all a happy compatible romantic life in year 2019.

The 7th house of Love and marriage is not powerful for the year 2019 for Aries natives. Hence do not expect major changes in your marital or love life. You would be more into a non-committal relationship for the period, that compatibility would be at stake. With Jupiter in your homestead for the first two months, you would be quite confident of attracting a potential partner though.

Though your 7th house of love and compatibility is greatly emphasized this year, it is not as strong as the previous year. Though no new relationships are likely to come into your fold for now, some of you might need to sever ties with an old incompatible partner in life. You need not cling to old ties for long this year.

The 7th house is a powerful place for year 2019 for Gemini folks. Hence marriage, love and compatibility get a new leash of life in your area. Past struggles and hitches now vanish off. Your partner would be giving in to your whims and fancies striking cordial relations for the period.

Though your 7th house is not powerful enough for the year 2019, Cancers experience much activity in love and marriage through the year, thanks to the eclipses happening this period. Some of you would be forced to get out of the fence if you are sitting on an abusive incompatible or dissatisfied relationship. The married ones expect some turbulences in your relationships

Your 7th house of love and marriage would be quite strong for year 2019. Uranus and Neptune are posited in your 7th house bringing about a desire to change. Uranus brings about a desire for excitement. While Neptune asks you to settle down for the divine purpose. This brings about many short term unstable, incompatible relationships in your love life.

You attitude towards love and marriage change this year. You would experience more freedom now. Though many of you might have located compatible partners during the previous years, marriage or a stable relationship might have been eluding you. And this year proves to be in your favour.

For year 2019, benefic Jupiter is in your 7th house of love and marriage. Hence the first quarter of the year promises better compatibility with your partner. Those not yet married, would find the period feasible for the same. Love would be just round the corner. It would be an easy affair to strike cordial relations with a potential partner for the period.

As the year 2019 starts, Jupiter would be entering your 7th house around February and this forebodes good tidings in love and marriage area for Scorpio guys. Saturn is also posited in your 7th house and hence there would be two opposing forces acting on you this season. This might make true romance elude you and you would also find it quite difficult to make good choices.

In the year 2019, love and marriage seem like a child's play for Sagittarius folks. But however as the year progresses, your attitude changes and so is the circumstances around you. Expect some dissatisfactions and disappointments in your love life and marriage. Incompatibility with partner might seem like the order of the day for some of you.

Year 2019 seems to be uneventful year for Capricorn folks as far as their marriage and love prospects are concerned. The single ones remain single and those in a marriage or relationship seem to be going average with their respective lives.

Though the 7th house is uneventful for the year 2019, two eclipses that are due through the year in your home would bring about turmoils in your love life or marriage. Most Aquarians fail in love due to their great need for freedom, so would be the case for this year too. Also your changing interests and affection might collude with your compatibility with partner.

Love and marriage are not your cup of tea for the year 2019, Pisces. However your social life is in for an upswing, roping in potential partners for love and marriage. Career and family issues might take the centre-stage through the year.