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Love Compatibility Horoscope 2018

For the year 2018, the 7th house of love is not occupied for Aries natives and hence becomes a powerless house for the period. Hence the natives are given the go-ahead to indulge in relationships as they like it. The Aries natives are hence out of bounds and compulsions as far as relationships, compatibility and love are concerned for the period.

For the year 2018, love and marriage would be highly emphasized for Taurus natives. Though things would not be that rosy as it was in this area for the past few years, Taurus guys would have pretty compatible relationships to sail smoothly though.Pluto would be in your 7th house this year.

Year 2018 would be a major milestone in the love life of Gemini natives. Jupiter, your lord of love stays in your 7th house of Sagittarius all through the year. Jupiter in its own house is strong and hence the single Gemini guys get married and those already married stay strong in their relationship.

The 7th house of marriage and love relationships is well-placed for Cancer natives in year 2018. Hence compatibility with partner would be an easy affair for now. Life would be a lot happier and better than the previous years. However be prepared for occasional ups and downs too.

In the year 2018, the 7th house of love and marriage is beneficially placed and hence your love life and compatibility would be at its best. Life would be a lot happier than the previous few years. Goodness continues in your relationships and you would be able to develop a more compatible affair with your partners of interest.

For the year 2018, the 7th house of marriage and relationships and the 5th house of love are strong for Virgo natives. This would be a mixed bag for Virgos as far as relationships and compatibility are concerned. Worries and anxieties might bother you and there would be many ups and downs in your love life through the year.

For the year 2018, love, marriage and compatibility might take a backseat for Libra natives as the 7th house is not prominent for the period. The single ones remain single and the married ones stick to their guns come what may in this year.However Libra guys are given much freedom in the social arena for the year.

Though the 7th house of relationship is not much prominent or well-placed in year 2018 for Scorpio guys, they continue to attract the opposite sex with their sheer sense of magnetism and compatibility levels. Scorpio natives are usually not found to bend to their partners and their partners better confirm to them else there might be compatibility issues in the relationship this year.

The 7th house of love and marriage is not greatly emphasized for Sagittarius natives in year 2018. Hence love and compatibility are not on your list for the period, instead home and security and self-interests would get your total commitment.

Marriage, love and compatibility would not be on the priority list of Capricorns in year 2018. With Uranus and Neptune in your Ascendant or first house Capricorns would be able to change their romantic stand for the period. Change is in the year.

The 11th house in your natal chart would be more pronounced this year than your 7th house of love and compatibility. Hence friendships and social life would take the centre-stage this year for Aquarius natives. Most of you guys would be showing a lack of interest in love and romance.

For the year 2018, Pisces natives can expect more socializing as the 11th house of friendship is greatly emphasized for the period. There would be a dearth of romance and compatibility in your love relationships for now.

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