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Gemini Love Compatibility Horoscope 2018

Gemini Compatibility for 2018

Year 2018 would be a major milestone in the love life of Gemini natives. Jupiter, your lord of love stays in your 7th house of Sagittarius all through the year. Jupiter in its own house is strong and hence the single Gemini guys get married and those already married stay strong in their relationship. Your social circle also expands considerably. Many of you stand to gain through your partners this season and Jupiter is a planet of resources as well.

However around November 2018, be cautious as romance and compatibility issues might backfire for some Gemini people. Stress and worries might bother your spirits then. Love life might have a series of ups and downs through the period. Some harsh and unmanageable situation also probable. Do not lose hope in the relationship front though as compatible situations are just round the corner. Do note that compatibility is not for the straight-forward and blunt ones this year.

Best and Worst compatibility signs for 2018

Your most compatible signs for 2018:

    Aries, Leo

    Libra, Aquarius.

Your least compatible signs for 2018:



Best and Worst love match signs for 2018

Best Gemini Love Match for 2018:


    Sagittarius .

Worst Gemini Love Match for 2018:

    Pisces, Virgo


Your flirting nature might bring occasional bouts of incompatibility with partners this year, Geminis. Your flirting nature along with your talkativeness would be mistaken for straying, hence be cautious through the year. You would be encountering many potential partners this year.

This year, you would be more compatible with the airy signs of Aquarius and Libra and the fiery sign of Sagittarius who are adventure-loving. Hence your pursuits would be matching theirs too. Pisces would not be compatible for Geminis as they would be too withdrawn for you and you cannot handle the critical nature of Virgos either. You might initially have a compatible relationship with another Gemini guy, but each of you might be going the opposite ways. Scorpio is not compatible because of his or her possessive nature and Taurus cannot get well with you because they restrict your freedom and flirting.

Aries and Leo seem to be quite compatible for Gemini guys this year as they are mentally stimulating for you. Romance would be profound between August-October this year. With Saturn transiting your natal house you would have the urge to settle down in a compatible marriage or relationship, however Uranus might play spoilsport now and then. Potential partners from the zodiac sign of Sagittarius or Aquarius might come your way around the end of the year and forge compatible relationship with you.

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