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Sagittarius Love Compatibility Horoscope 2018

Sagittarius Compatibility for 2018

The 7th house of love and marriage is not greatly emphasized for Sagittarius natives in year 2018. Hence love and compatibility are not on your list for the period, instead home and security and self-interests would get your total commitment. There would be a dearth of compatible relationships in your life. The reason simply being that you yearn for dominating the scene , which is not going to work for now.

However the period offers a sense of assertiveness in you which would pave way for attracting potential partners in life. But then life would not always be your side. Your thought of many prospective compatible partners being out there might just prove negative at times. Only deeply committed relationships are likely to survive this period for Sagittarius natives.

Best and Worst compatibility signs for 2018

Your most compatible signs for 2018:

    Aries, Gemini

    Libra, Sagittarius.

Your least compatible signs for 2018:


    Pisces .

Best and Worst love match signs for 2018

Best Sagittarius Love Match for 2018:



Worst Sagittarius Love Match for 2018:

    Taurus, Capricorn


This year, Mercury would be a major planet that would be deciding the course of your love life. When it is direct your love life would be a bed of roses. When it slows down or retrogrades be prepared for periods of incompatibility with your partner. Sagittarius usually yearns for freedom and independence in a relationship. Also you are out-going and adventure –loving and anyone who falls into this criteria would be roped in by you through the course of the year.

Aries guys make good compatible partners for you this year as they are adventure-loving and aggressive as you are. A Leo would also be a good bet as they help you to charge better in a relationship. Gemini natives would also be able to bring about delight and happiness in the relationship. You might not find the emotional Pisces compatible for you. Also the perfectionist Virgo would be out of bounds for you this year. Another Sagittarius would be a good and committed partner as you share common interests.

Capricorn might be useful from a professional point of view but life would not be always adventurous and happy. Cancer natives spoil you with their emotions and Scorpios demands cannot be met by you easily. Hence they form totally incompatible relationships with you this year. Taurus native would be good but they are too cautious. An Aquarius and Libra would be ideal compatible partners for Sagittarius guys this year as both of them are quite social like you.

March, May, and June of year 2018 would be highly romantic for you bringing in good compatible relationships. As Saturn and Uranus transit your native house of Sagittarius, this year the emphasize would be more on yourself rather than partners. Not a good period for entering marriage or forging compatible relationships for Sagittarius guys.

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