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Aquarius Love Compatibility Horoscope 2018

Aquarius Compatibility for 2018 The 11th house in your natal chart would be more pronounced this year than your 7th house of love and compatibility. Hence friendships and social life would take the centre-stage this year for Aquarius natives. Most of you guys would be showing a lack of interest in love and romance. Hence the single ones would be staying single and the married ones would be sticking to their guns for the period ahead.

However there would be occasional windows of period where love, compatibility would hold sway over you. Do not let your partners be notified that you lack the sensuous touch this period. They might stray or bring about a sense of incompatibility in the relationship. Something like a travel, a day out or even a professional meeting would be the key to turn on your desires in the love arena this year. An authoritative figure in personal or professional life would be able to instill a compatible affair for Aquarius guys this year.

Your most compatible signs for 2018:

    Sagittarius, Libra


Your least compatible signs for 2018:



Best Aries Love Match for 2018:


    Sagittarius .

Worst Aries Love Match for 2018:

    Virgo, Pisces,


Common interests and good communication are the key requirements for a compatible affair with an Aquarius person. You are not much bend on more sensuous or intense moves. After a series of meetings you would be able to bid bye and move on in life while partner might be willing to tie the knot. If you sense compatibility around do settle down, things do not turn out in your favor all through the year always.

A Libra person would be more compatible with you this year as he or she is highly sociable an important criteria for you in a relationship. Gemini would also win your heart with his or her inquisitiveness. Leo would be quite compatible with you if they are less dominating. Taurus would not be compatible with you this season as they too materialistic and resource-oriented, something you hate altogether. Also Scorpio might drive your sexual instincts but might try to dominate you. You cannot tolerate the emotions of a Pisces and the perfectionist Virgo. Another Aquarius might go well with you but periodic detachments would prove beneficial for the long run ahead.

Cancer’s emotions and warmth appeal to you but then they might smother you. Capricorn is more business-minded and pragmatic which you do not want. Aries is quite adventurous and exciting to be in a compatible relationship. Sagittarius also brings about good compatible times together.

February, may and July of year 2018 would be favorable for you to rope in compatible partners in life. The rest of the time, it is best advised to remain with your current status, do not let love and romance go to your head. Let it stay in your heart all through this period.