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Scorpio Love Compatibility Horoscope 2018

Scorpio Compatibility for 2018 Though the 7th house of relationship is not much prominent or well-placed in year 2018 for Scorpio guys, they continue to attract the opposite sex with their sheer sense of magnetism and compatibility levels. Scorpio natives are usually not found to bend to their partners and their partners better confirm to them else there might be compatibility issues in the relationship this year.

Scorpio guys are advised to become more sociable this year if they want to attract potential compatible partners in life. The single ones among the Scorpios are unlikely to get married this year while the married ones might find the going tough with occasional bouts of incompatibility with their partner in life.

Your most compatible signs for 2018:

    Cancer, Virgo

    Capricorn, Pisces

Your least compatible signs for 2018:


    Aquarius .

Best Aries Love Match for 2018:



Worst Aries Love Match for 2018:

    Libra, Leo


Venus, your 7th Lord of love relationships would be ruling over your compatibility issues. The house it moves over through the course of the year 2018 would hold sway over your relationship area. Libra guys are most likely to be -revisited by an ex-friend or an old flame. Partner likely to come through financial links and would be very nearby, you need not move over mountains and seas this year to find your ideal partner.

The single ones among Libra natives would find the time conducive for forging compatible relationships. The married ones however are advised not to be too assertive, as this might play havoc with your relationship. Take time to appreciate the good things in your partner's life. This would bring about a sense of well-being in his or her life and compatibility would be assured for life.

Libra natives are usually highly sexually oriented, hence you are advised not to go down harshly on this matter. Settle down with your partner, have a good talk, understand him or her and their needs fully and then you can vent out your sensual desires. In this way you would be able to forge compatible relationship. Also make sure that you are not too possessive or jealous or obsessed with your partner.

Cancer and Pisces guys make compatible partners for you this year as they are as intense as you are in a relationship. Leo might be too dominating for you. Aquarius is too much of a freedom-lover and would not be that committed to you. Scorpio meets you with a battle of egos and prides. This is something you cannot bank on for a compatible relationship.

A Taurus native would be quite compatible but then you should be able to withstand his or her stubbornness. Sagittarius is too much freedom-loving and cannot get along well with you while Gemini is a scatter-brain. An Aries person would make a tough partner. A Libra guy would make a good partner and so would a Virgo too because you both share a conscience towards life. Capricorn would also get on with a compatible relationship with you as both of you have common professional interests.

The periods between January to April and December of 2018 would be quite ideal for romance and love for Libra guys. Between mid-October to mid-November an old flame or Ex would return into your life as Venus, the planet of love goes retrograde. Jupiter would be transiting your 5th house of love relationships from February 2018 and this paves way for new romantic compatible love encounters for Libra natives. Some Libra people might settle down with an Aries, or Pisces or a Sagittarius around the year-end.