2019 Cancer Planetary Influences


In year 2019, Jupiter plays and important role for Cancer guys. There would be good growth opportunities in your career front. You would hog the limelight, embrace any change that comes in your career field. Some natives can look forward to overseas assignments as well. On January 8th, Mars would be entering your 10th house of career. This would keep you quite busy in the professional front for the period.

February 2019 planetary positions bring about some hiccups in your financial sector. There might be tax issues, legal glitches, and the like. However expect some luck and fortune around the middle of the month.

Saturn would help you to set reasonable goals in personal and professional life and achieve them as the year progresses. Your life would be more disciplined now thanks to the restrictiveness posed by the action of Saturn on you guys. There would be a clear definition of what you want in life and what you can get..

March of the year advises you to organize your personal and professional matters before venturing out for social causes. The end of the month brings about a major revamp in your job area thanks to the planetary influences for the period.

Natives are in for a major shock from partner or spouse in April 2019. Do not fight head-on instead use tact and diplomacy to win him or her over. May 2019 favors social life for Cancer folks. Much scope for entertainment and recreation on the cards. On the 21st of May, when Mars enters your home, there might be some impulsive acts on your part, beware.

June brings in the second Mercury retrograde phase for the year. Postpone important decisions for the period. The end of June brings out good tidings in the work front. July might ask to you to recheck some of your partnership deals that are quite redundant. Then in August, expect some sluggish trends in your career area. However the month can be better utilized to plan for your professional future. September 2019 would remove all the tumbling blocks in your career path and it would be a smooth sail hereafter.

October 2019 brings about a bout of career woes for Cancer guys. Stick to your projects, however your priorities should change for the better. News from long distance would soother your nerves. November likely to bring about relocation for some folks if willing. And then with the holiday season in December, your social and charitable nature would come to the fore. Life would be a smooth sail hereafter.

Year 2019 promises Cancer natives to remove hindrances that have been blocking their growth in life. Jupiter in the watery sign of Scorpio would open up the emotional side of you. Natives are advised to open up frequently particularly when in trouble rather than seeking solace into their hard shell. Jupiter promises some of the best romantic moments in your life through the year. But then Saturn posited in Leo might bring about occasional setbacks for some of your folks. Venus in Cancer improves inter-personal relationships for you. Mars stays in the zodiac sign of Gemini for the first quarter of year 2019. This would help you to express yourself more freely to others and understand others’ behaviors. Many planetary conjunctions in the house of Scorpio might bring about confrontations in both personal and professional life, be cautious.

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